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Platoon Presentation

HpX WarCry:
The HpX brotherhood stands united on the battlefield with an unrivaled strength running through its veins, as if it was bred for the brutality of the never ending war lying ahead.

Alongside fellow brothers we shall stand and fight till the end of days with one common goal being the path we shall follow. This path to victory which ultimately leads to conquering the opposing force can only be dealt with as one unified class outfit. As the Brotherhood of HpX we strive towards this common goal where your brothers in arms strengthens you as an individual and as a part of the unit, to outclass and outgun your opponent.

With the ease of mind knowing you will always have a fellow brother watching your six, ready and capable of gunning down whatever is thrown at him, the individual becomes the brotherhoods strongest weapon in securing victory.

Together we stand, together we conquer, together we are a weapon!!!

**HpX are currently recruiting**:
Clan Prac, Strat and Match Requirements:
1. Working headset with mic.
2. Teamspeak 3
3. Prac & Strat on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings from 20h00
4. Commitment is crucial for it's a team game and a team effort.
5. No under 18 players will be recruited.
6. MUST be able to crack a joke once in a while, it ain't all hard work and no play, you gotta be able to have fun. :P

Tryouts Application & Procedures:
1. Apply to the platoon to be accepted into the tryout group.
2. All recruits are required to use lower case [hpx] tags.
3.Tryouts will be held on a scheduled date. If you miss the first tryout session there will be a 2nd and 3rd opportunity.
4.New players will have to attend at least two tryout sessions to qualify for selection.
5. REMEMBER... It's all about team work!!! Team play will be assessed throughout the tryout process and will determine final selection of the new HpX members.

The following teams will be representing HpX in the 2013 Do Gaming League:

T.R.O.L.L.S - DGL 3rd Division

Team Speak Server :

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