Help to get a DICE Tag
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Welcome to [HELP] Help to get a DICE Tag.
We are the best Dogtag hunters of the world , and get many requests to help !
So here it is , YOUR Help !

If you like stealing dogtags, here is your chance to steal these rare dice dogtags.
The only thing we do is give you a push in to the right direction by keeping up unofficial dice events, the rest is up to you.

This is no dice hunting/stalk platoon so there are some rules.

-Steal ONLY the still to acquire dogtag
-If you hafe acquired all dice tags, please leave the platoon so others can have a chance.
-Don't post any threads (Let them to have fun in the game)
-Members who misuse this platoon wil be kicked

-HvsZ platoon:!/bf3/platoon/2832655391703715686/
-MvsZ platoon:!/bf3/platoon/2832655391706367333/
-BTH platoon:!/bf3/platoon/2832655240977128086/

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEXT EVENT !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You must read the wall of text below before joining the event.
DO NOT spam the arrangers with questions like
"what is the name of the server/password?" and the like.
Everything related to the event can be read below.


We just help other People to get DICE Tags , so please DICE don't disable again !
We got disabled three times...


We helped ~ 90 People to get a Tag, join and maybe you are the next !

Every rights belong to BaDRiiG.
We are Copyright © and registred ®!

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