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:-: Welcome to 56th Company! :-:

The only requirement we have is for you to have Skype. Skype allows us to communicate seamlessly to each other, in large conference calls.

56th Company is a European based PS3 clan, that has the aim of being able to team up objective based players, for a fun and enjoyable experience. Working together is the key for success; if you want to play with someone online, or want to complete co-op missions, there will be people around to play with you.

56th was founded by Xantia10 (Now 56th_Xan) on the 18th of February, 2013

:-: Our Motto :-:

"Fortes soli, fortiores una."

(Strong alone, stronger together.) This means that we are never lone wolves and how that teamwork and communication is key for success.

:-: 56th Company Rules (For members) :-:

Like any good, organised Platoon such as ourselves, we have some ground rules for our members. While there are no requirements to join, by joining, you agree to abide by these rules.

1) ALL members MUST wear the Platoon tag ([56th]).

2) You MUST have Skype in order to stay in. You must have joined the Platoon teamspeak within 1 week of joining. After this, make sure you do call and communicate to get to know the platoon and others better. Add relic12000, blowntyre or mrahskype in order to do this. If you do not, you will be kicked from the platoon immediately. Join in the 56th Company chat and you will be on the road to earning respect and higher status in the platoon.

3) Within Skype or Battlelog, please be mature, we are a humorous bunch but some certain subjects will NOT be tolerated.

4) You must be a team player that's competitive, and thinking tactically. This is part of the reason we use Skype, as communication is clearer.

5) It goes without saying that we have ZERO TOLERANCE for racism, sexism or homophobia

6) At times we have training sessions where we improve on squad play and communication. Make sure to attend them and if you can not please notify everyone on the platoon page or skype.

7) Just remember to enjoy the game and share the positiveness with your Platoon mates! Try not to rage at the game or at other people!

8) If you're aware you are going away for X amount of time, please notify senior members (Leaders+) of when you'll be leaving and when you're expected to be returning.

9) Skype: Only members of 56th Company are allowed to be in the group. Please don't add random people or non-members. If you want to play with those outside of the Platoon, create a separate conference

10) We will allow you to be in multiple Platoons, HOWEVER 56th Company must be your main Platoon, and the only serious Platoon you're in. Non-competitive Platoons are accepted.

:-: Related Links :-:

Our Instagram- http://instagram.com/56thcompany

BlownTyre's YouTube channel (Matches will occasionally be posted here!) http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCytr7xrrZSp0FpJtEaIrWfg

Our Business email: 56thplatoon@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/56thplatoon

:-: Clan Match History :-:

Wins: 12 Defeats: 6 Draws: 3

23/03/2013: 56th vs VD 0-0 (Server Issues, DRAW)
29/06/2013: 56th vs TWT 0-3 (LOSS)
07/07/2013: 56th vs SOE 2-0 (WIN)
29/07/2013: 56th vs MVP 2-0 (WIN)
31/07/2013: 56th vs MVP: 1-3 (LOSS)
04/08/2013: 56th vs SOF 1-3 (LOSS)
10/08/2013: 56th vs BcK 1-3 (LOSS)
23/08/2013 56th vs CpG 4-0 (WIN)
31/08/2013 56th vs KNRK 4-0 (WIN)
02/09/2013 56th vs ECHO 4-0 (WIN)
07/09/2013 56th vs UA 2-2 (DRAW)
08/09/2013 56th vs RAMS 3-1 (WIN)
08/09/2013 56th vs MoGZ 4-0 (WIN)
14/09/2013 56th vs ICE 4-0 (WIN)
15/09/2013 56th vs TSC 2-2 (DRAW)
18/09/2013 56th vs TSC 1-3 (LOSS)
22/09/2013 56th vs LEAD 4-0 (LOSS)
26/09/2013 56th vs AofR 4-0 (WIN)
28/09/2013 56th vs TDH 4-0 (WIN)
29/09/2013 56th vs AIR1 3-0 (WIN)
30/09/2013 56th vs TSC 3-1 (WIN)

NOTE: To be likely to get onto a match team, you need to be at least a Colonel. Any less will mean you'll be a reserve and play if a team member can't make it!

:-: Platoon Allies :-:
[TWT] Tactical Warfare Team
[BMO] BlaCkhAwk's MilOrgnz

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