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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the New Zealand (and Australian) Sharp Shooters. You are now Speaking with the Founder Lazykwi. Whether you are here to check out the clan as potential applicant, or as a member of another clan checking out the competition we hope you find out what you need. We focus on teamwork, tactics and communication to improve our game. This is an Australian and New Zealand Platoon, which makes a requirement of potential members to be from these two places. We're not looking for the highest KD players, or amazing score per minutes or anything like that, the key requirement to be met is that you are relatively familiar with this game. Everyone is this platoon, in fact in every platoon should be willing to learn more about the game every time they play it!

Potential Applicants to the NZSS are more than welcome to join our feeder clan the, NZSR (NZSS Reserves) and make themselves known to either myself or any of the other clan/squad leaders and we will be more than happy to organise a trial.

People who are interested in joining MUST prove themselves to us that they are NZSS material!

Watch all scrim matches on the MetallicGames YouTube page!

Fridays/ Saturdays
9:00 - 10:30 NZT
7:00- 8:30 AEST

Allied Clans of the NZSS
NZE (New Zealand Elite)

Landakopter Challenge-

NZSS Noshahr Canals roflcopter challenge
Nw0_LynX - 1.24.38 minutes (World Record)
Lil_Styles - 1.29.0 minutes
Domin8r-666 - 1.31.09 minutes
Zane - 1:35.0 minutes
Tiger - 1:37.7 minutes
Thug - 1.42.94 minutes
Flag - 2:28.2 minutes
Lazy - 8.00.0 minutes --> view this run on the MetallicGames Youtube Channel
JackoGotchaWitha- 72 days 48 hours 30 minutes and 50 seconds

Upcoming Scrims:

[NZSS] Scrim History: 7 wins, 2 losses
SAS (Special Air Service): Won 3-0 CQ
NZE(New Zealand Elite): Won 2-1 CQ
NZA(New Zealand Assassins): Won 3-0 DOM
ozzy(Aussie Assassins Elite): Won 3-0 H/C CQDOM
"GAMR A"(ANZ Gamer): Loss 0-3 CQ
Phantom Squad(ANZ Gamer): Loss 2-1 CQ
ASF(A Select Few): Default win
OZF(OZ Fighter): 4-2 win CQ 5v5

BF3 Scrim team:
Air/ juggernaut squad:
Zaneyboy (SL)

Armour Squad:
Flagamadag (SL)

Infantry Squad:
Lazykiwi (SL)


Platoon feed

  • xJewHu joined the platoon NZ Sharp Shooters
  • kiwikenny joined the platoon NZ Sharp Shooters
  • Lazykiwi1 wrote on the wall for NZ Sharp Shooters:
    Top Scrim tonight lads, Props to OZF, You guys can sure play metro! Pushed us pretty hard on the others also. Big thanks to those who played tonight, Flag: awesome job on top form tonight, Styles: As ruthless as ever (despite medium levels of rage ;)), Jehu: What an awesome Debut mate truly going to be an asset to this platoon, Jerry: Another awesome Debut right there, "The Bunny hop king will always prevail", I fortunately had a good night camping on a tugs.... All 'n' all resulted in a nice 4-2 victory to NZSS. Also a shout out to Thugamdag, for being an awesome reserve player and coming in and out at our beck and call! -Lazy
    Atiego Job guys.
    6 years ago
    NZSS_jackovc244 Good work guys <3
    6 years ago
  • Lazykiwi1 wrote on the wall for NZ Sharp Shooters:
    OZF this SUNDAY, 4:30 pm AEST, 5v5 CQ 200%: Metro, Bazaar, Tehran. Team: Stylez, Zaney, Flag, Lazy, Jehu/ Jerry. Reserve: Pespi. That is all =) - Lazy
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    zaneyboy_worthy Bring out the ancient shit
    6 years ago
    Lazykiwi1 DAYUM RIGHT! Also, don't have anything organised on BF4 atm, just need to try and get numbers
    6 years ago
  • Lazykiwi1 wrote on the wall for NZ Sharp Shooters:
    A few notices to be received by EVERYONE!!!! 1.) BF4 PS4 NZSS is shaping up and we are getting some good numbers, which is really exciting and good news for the platoon! I want people to start thinking about what roles they want to be fulfilling, whether that be in the air, on the ground (infi or vehicle), or on the seas (as a pirate ;)). Feel free to let me know what you want to do when you figure that out and i'll reserve that spot. 2.) We're looking for a few squad leaders also, these will mainly be in air or navy divisions. Let me know if you are interested and if you are, there will be some testing necessary prior to becoming a squad leader.3.) There are still a number spots left in our team, so if you have any friends on PSN who would be a good addition to the team let them know to apply and i'll try and sort something out! 4.)AND FINALLY, you're beloved platoon founder and leader will be going to PS4 before the new year so feel free to hit me up for a game on PS4(or PS3) - Lazy
  • nztiger101 wrote on the wall for NZ Sharp Shooters:
    HEY GUYS! BF4 PS4 is on its way for NZSS scrimming! I have had a lot of people wanting to join so add them and be nice to them! we are friendly bunch remember! we want to get these newbies to engage with this pros and learn a thing or two so we can get this 32 man team up ASAP!
  • zaneyboy_worthy wrote on the wall for NZ Sharp Shooters:
    Any of you boys played 64 player yet don't get my ps4 till December but playing it on Xbox one it is insane!
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    4n4L-Del-Rey lol 64 that's old
    6 years ago
    Lazykiwi1 SUPER PSYCHED!
    6 years ago
  • XSmacko joined the platoon NZ Sharp Shooters
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    kempballa na....good on ya mate,not like nza is doing jack shit
    6 years ago
    XSmacko HAHA yeah
    6 years ago
  • Lazykiwi1 wrote on the wall for NZ Sharp Shooters:
    Not a bad little friendly to finish off our CQ section of BF3, there were some good things, unfortunately there were still some bad things. I think i can probably say without batting an eyelid that we might be quite good at Seine Crossing =). AND if i being technical and picky....... we won on tickets haha, but nevertheless probably didn't really deserve a win on losing 4 maps, neverthless a good friendly and props to GAMR for pulling themselves away from BF4 for a night, you guys are pals, except for your american friends..... ;). Might be looking for some CQDOM scrims or smaller but we'll see where the interest is from other platoons. Otherwise i'll be on until around the new year when i hope to be seeing as many familiar NZSS faces on PS4, because all of you guys are just FANTASTIC. - Lazy
  • Lazykiwi1 wrote on the wall for NZ Sharp Shooters:
    Team for friday night is posted in the platoon description. Reserves for friday night will be linksracer, mysticalBullet and ArmoCU2 (if necessary). So if people could start refamiliarising themselves with BF3 before tomorrow night that would be magnificent. - Lazy
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    Lazykiwi1 I don't mean to be blunt but you're not in the clan...
    6 years ago
    NwO__LynX :(
    6 years ago