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Injection Gaming is Norwegian a clan that started in 2006. At that time we had teams in BF2, CSS, CS 1.6, Trackmania. We aimed to be good at what we did, but most importantly it was for us to have fun, also through various games.

We had a downtime but now we are back. We have active players in Warz, Dayz, ArmA 3, Shoot Mania: Storm, Battlefield 3, CS: GO, Ghost Recon Online, and League of Legends. Do you play any of these games and is at least 16 years? Then you're welcome to join us. We also accept players that plays other games too. We are now over 150 members in the clan, and there is still room for more. There are no requirements for experience and skill since we focus mostly on the social part. We will try to arrange several events/competitions within the clan in several games, also for/against other clans too.

What we require of you:
- Mic and Teamspeak
- You must be relatively active
- Hold Agreements
- Good manners
- 16 years +

What you'll get from us:
- Website, Teamspeak and game server
- Organized Play
- Fun events and competitions
- Make new friends
- Little sleep

Visit "Injection Gaming" for more information :)

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