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Platoon Presentation

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Hey there, I am from Warrior Airmen Gaming,
We do air and ground.
We are loosely based off of the US Air Force, Army, and Marines so we are Tactical.

I am a future Air Force soldier.

We are planning on moving to Battlefield 4 as well as staying on Battlefield 3.

We have a platoon you may be interested it.
The platoon is a bit small right now because we are building up.
You are very welcome to join.

You pick what you want to do and we train you for it.

Everything From Flying to Combat Operations.
Tactical Air Control Party
Warrior Airmen
MBT Armour Crew
IFV Armour Crew
(Just to Name a Few)

We have mics, use teamwork, we do use tactics.

We need players from every skill area regardless of skill.


-17+ unless mature enough
-Use your mic
-Use tactics
-Listening to squad leader
-Be active on Battlelog as well as Battlefield 3
-Register on Website
-Go through training

Contact me on the battlelog or on Xbox live at Bad Assassin X for more info.

Like us on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter.

Also take a look at our website http://warriorarimen.ihostinghq.com/ [warriorarimen.ihostinghq.com] register and contact me if interested.

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