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Dedicated to reporting and finding new bugs in Battlefield 4.
I get a lot of helpful people wanting to tell me about issues that they have encountered, so this group will also ensure that this knowledge is not lost in the void of information.

If I Hooah your post it means that I don´t need any more info on the bug.

Posting something here just means that I will take a look at it, and has nothing to do with EA DICE as a company. I do this on my spare time to get an understanding of what issues my Battlelog friends are experiencing. Bug Hunters is in no way affiliated with EA DICE, besides the fact that I work for DICE.

Also please do not ask if/when issue X will be fixed, I cannot and will not answer those questions.
Please see the official DICE news page for this information.

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  • xMrReapzzx wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
    Xbox One: My L96 has disappeared although it says I have the gun unlocked but I cannot use it in game. Also regarding the phantom program I can't impute the correct passcode for phase two although I have entered the code that was supposed to be correct: epic dream worlds. Thank you
  • iHunter37 wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
  • Bakmeel wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
    http://youtu.be/0IRIbIMO0SY Game breaking stuff
    Bakmeel You made the Dutch news with the tweet About this subject. http://tweakers.net/nieuws/95387/battlefield-4-bevat-death-shield-bug.html
    6 years ago
  • gunhero wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
    Thanks for all effort people. In the future please use twitter instead to let me know of issues, as we have a pretty good workflow in place and it´s easier to loop people in there when needed.
    giolato I follow you on twitter already. https://mobile.twitter.com/DubaTony There is also a page bug hunters?
    6 years ago
  • Bakmeel wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
    Hi there bughunters, im switching soon to PC gaming. Does someone else plays on PC dont have any friends yet there:P
  • iHunter37 wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
    bad mapping or Easter egg ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1N-FAuBFy8
  • iHunter37 wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
    gunhero can you confirm there is no problems with the F2000 unlock ? in the assignment 10 kills in a round inside the metro .. i got 30+ around B and A area, and 10+ kills inside B-C area around trians
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    iHunter37 same problem on ps3 confirmed ingame report says 2/2, in the menu says 0/2
    6 years ago
    Re1iK Ive been having probs with it...not sure if it's me or the game. Can't even unlock the GOL. Kinda sucks. Oh well...probably wouldn't use em anyways lol
    6 years ago
  • Bat-of-Sealand wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
    On xbox 360 every loading screen after a match for the new map in the rotation everyone (im not exaggerating) freezes.
  • MiXiE wrote on the wall for Bug Hunters:
    Xbox one: Soldier camo never gets saved.