Natural Born Killers
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Welcome to NBK
-Rules and Requirements
1. Respect Higher Ranks then You
2. Please have mic but not required
3. When fellow clan members are playing join their game
4. Need to be Colonel to join
5. Put clan tag to NBK
6. KD must be better then at least 1.25

--- Friend me @TOO_AWESOME_4_U_
{WARNING} Must follow rules at all times or you might be kicked or even exiled

-----Invite 10 friends and play 5 games with me-----
-----Semper Fidelis and over Colonel 75-----

-{History}- Our group as been active for many generations and have played many other fps games before including Battlefield 1,2,3 and Seal Team. Even on the PSP 1st generation we were 1337 with the first Seal Team 6.

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