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Platoon Presentation

Vae Victis is now recruiting for BF4

Since the fall of the BF3 team and never being able to settle under another team Ive decided to create this platoon to show some interest and bring back the Battlefield series to Carnage.

Achievements such as:
Battlefield 2

• 1st: GameArena 16v16 Season 6 (under Delta Enemy Alliance)
• 2nd: GameArena 10v10 Season 7
• 2nd: GameArena 14v14 Season 7 (under Delta Enemy Alliance)
• 3rd: CyberGamer 8v8 Season 3 (under Qlimax Crew)
• 4th: GameArena 8v8 Season 1
• 4th: GameArena 16v16 Season 5 (under Delta Enemy Alliance)
• 5th: GameArena 16v16 Season 4 (under Delta Enemy Alliance)
• 5th: AusBattlefields 6v6 (under Qlimax Crew)
• 6th: GameArena 10v10 Season 6
• 7th: GameArena 10v10 Season 4

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

[2010-2011 ]
• 1st: GameArena Rush 8v8 Season 2
• 1st: CyberGamer conquest 8v8 Season 2
• 1st: Games.On.Net $4000 Shock and Awe Tournament
• 3rd: GameArena conquest 8v8 season 3
• 3rd: GameArena conquest 8v8 season 2
• 3rd: CyberGamer Open 4v4 Season 1
• 6th: CyberGamer 8v8 OMGWTFBBQ
• 8th: CyberGamer 8v8 Champions Conquest League

Battlefield 3

[2011- ]
• 2nd: iM Invite Cup – 8v8 Conquest
• 3rd: Gigabyte BF3 Cup Asia Season 1

Battlefield 3

[2012 -]
• 2nd: Sydney Gamers League (SGL) 6 – 8v8 Conquest
• 4th: Sydney Gamers League (SGL) 6 – 4v4 Squad Rush

Show that this is a popular clan and past players will also think that.

So lets join again in a place were we once called home.

I respect the fact that BF3 clans are established and will not poach players or entice players from clans eg: -diE

We have strong sponsorships with well established organizations and look forward to hearing from the community.

if you are interested please sign up on the forums at and leave us your applications.

Team applications are also welcome and you can keep your old name aswell.

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