BF3 Weapons Challenge
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Platoon Presentation

So the name of the game is thus. who ever wants to do it, let me know, and i'll add your name to this post so we can keep track. i might make a platoon. But, for a couple of weeks, everyday we'll pick a gun. some will be "bad" guns, other's will be "good" guns.

then, play whatever mode you feel like and post the best battlereport(s) you get. and then give us a short descriptor of how you played, what you liked about the gun, what you didnt like, and how it affected you as a player. and then, be honest on whether or not you were generally playing at, above, or below your normal standards.

we'll give rough rankings of all involved by KD, i guess, just to give a very rough baseline of where everyone is, but it's more important to see how you generally perform in battlereports, as stats often wont shot the improvement of a player.

Things of note: your KD will almost certainly drop, if only because you'll have to use guns you arent familiar with, and you'll need at least a round or so to adjust to it. so suck it up.

This isnt about who's the best with what gun, its about how YOU are affected by the guns. i don't care if you have a 100 SPM and .3 KD, this isnt a pissing match, this is about YOU and YOUR performance only.

The guns:

1) AK-74M
2) Famas
3) M16A3
4) KH2002
5) PP2000

Any attachments
Any game mode
Get something by August 9th, if you can!

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