EXT-TWT Olympics™
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome fellow members, We like u to introduce the one and only EXT-TWT Olympics!

Any member of EXT and TWT will be able to participate in the challenges, including members in the academy ore on probation. This will not be a competition between the two platoons but by individual. Player with the most kills wins the challenge, and his name will be added to the list beneath. Before every challenge rules will be explained and posted on Facebook and Battlelog. Have fun and we wish you all good luck!

Upcomming challenges: DATE/TIME - 1st round Repair tools Only / 2th round Smoke Grenades Only

√ ● Repair tools Only >>>(Winner)<<<
● Smoke Grenade Only
● Xbow Only
● M26 mass Only
● RPG Only
● Knife Only
● C4 Only
● Two manned Dirtbike Only
● M320 Only
● One Life Only
● EOD Bot Race
● M9 Pistol Only / .44 Scoped Only
● Long Range Sniper Only
● (The winner of the opening challenge my choose a weapon )
That Weapon Only

(Under Construction)


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