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DTCH (Dog Tag Collection Hunters)

Founded : August 24th 2013
Co-Founders : http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/spiralout154/ & http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/sktwentythree/
Websites : https://www.facebook.com/spiralout154 ... https://twitter.com/spiralout154 ... http://www.twitch.tv/spiralout154 ... http://www.youtube.com/user/spiralout154 ...
Stats : http://www.bf3log.com/en/ps3/Platoon/DTCH/426543#dashboard

[ What's This All About? ]

There are 518 Dog Tags in BF3. A lot of people want to "fill" their dog tag collection, so there are no blank spaces left, by either taking or unlocking them. Then there are people that want to do both. Do you want to complete your collection as much as possible before BF4 comes out but struggling to find people wearing exactly what you need? If that's the case, this platoon is for you.

[ How Does It All Work? ]

1. Member "johnsmith123" applies to join. Once approved, he then lists all of his "Tags Needed" that he really wants. Example. A. IFV 5 Right B. M9 Master Right C. Squad Rush Winner Left D. Mobile Tank Destroyer 50 Right E. MP412 Rex Master Right.
2. Member "maryadams456" reads through the list of members & what they need, seeing what John has listed.
3. Member Mary has 2 of those tags. Mary then clicks through to John's profile & sees that John has 2 tags that Mary needs.
4. Mary then contacts John & they organise details as they see fit, by either adding each other on battlelog and/or PSN. Details include Server, Map, Mode, Date & Time. Adding each other on PSN makes the process easier. The first message is sent with "DTCH" in the subject line.
5. John & Mary play against each other until each has taken the tags they both wanted. If there is more than one tag, they change tags after a match is finished & meet each other back on the same server.
6. There will be a link to a Google document available for everyone to see updated weekly, listing all members & the tags they want. This will be added to as new members join & list what they want.

[ Are There Any Rules? ]

- When you join, please list all the tags you would like to get. If & when you get all of your listed tags, you can then re-post another list of tags you need & the list will be updated.
- Dog Tags must be taken in general play. There is to be no standing & getting knifed on purpose. Doing so may result in being kicked from the platoon.
- If you organise with another member to play against each other on a server wearing tags the other person has, you both must stay online playing against each other until you both have gotten the tags you need. If one person leaves after they have the tags they need, the person that stayed has every right to post saying so on the platoon page & this may result in the person that left being kicked from the platoon. Helping each other & staying online stops this from happening.
- You don't have to wear DTCH clan tags to join or stay in this platoon.
- Anyone can apply, but please only do so if you want to actively complete your collection & are willing to help others do so. If you don't need to take any more tags, there is no need to apply.

[ I Want To Join! ]

- Once your application has been accepted, you will be given a member number. Rather than list members alphabetically, all members will be listed in order they joined, so the earlier you join, the more likely other people will read what tags you need at the top of the list.
- If you can, please remember to "fan" the platoon when you apply to join. Subscribing to the Twitter & Youtube links at the top of this page will also be appreciated. Spread the word of the platoon as much as you can by getting friends of yours that are similar dog tag hunters to join.

[ End Credits... ]

As we all know, most people want to get tags from you, but you don't ever get anything back. By listing what you need rather than you what you want, this will mean people that contact you will be doing so because they want help in return, eliminating people contacting you for tags with nothing in it for yourself.

If you have any queries, feel free to post as such on the platoon page. sktwentythree will be doing the administration work for this platoon & if things are successful in this trial run on BF3, spiralout154 will continue the clan on PC & sktwentythree will continue it on PS3/PS4.

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