Eyes On Objective
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Eyes On Objective
What is this? Eyes On Objective is going to be the new way for clans to battle in gruesome tournaments. EOO will also provide a rankings of players in different areas (Examples would be "#1 Clan" and "#1 Jet Pilot", ect.). EOO is still currently under development and won't be fully ready to launch until another month or two, however, its time to spread the word!

Let other people and clans know about this big project and lets help standardize battling. Its time we bring in a new battle system with the introduction of the PS4 and BF4.

EOO will first be targeting BF4 and United States/Europe players/clan on the Playstation. Depending how large this becomes, we may look into expanding down the road!

Make sure you check this platoon out every now and then to see what the latest progress is!

Clans that plan to register for EOO (In the order they officially accepted to join EOO)
[iRc] - Ironic
[IWG] - IdiotzWitGunZ
[iCon] - Inevitable Consequence
[aV] - Angelic Virtues
[iCo] - iCoNiC Gaming
[Jroy] - Jroy eSports
[DtX] - DETOX v2.0 Gaming
[iR] - Imminent RivaLs
[KO] - korrupted Order
A lot more clans are still pending...

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