Aussie Race Crew
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Platoon Presentation

This is AACs official Aussie Race Crew platoon for Battlefield 4. At least until we are gifted with a fully functioning bf4 platoon creator :)

In the meantime join up to to receive information on any upcoming events, track layout vids/maps, race results, notifications and more from the crew.

If you have a good idea for a track layout, we want to hear it ! So please submit a link for your idea here. That way we can all try it out on our server.

Teamspeak address:

Official Tracklist (so far) :
1. Paracel Storm - Rhib
2. Seige of Shanghai - Trucks
3. Dragon Pass - Rhib
+4. Golmud Railway - Jeep/buggy
+5. Rogue Transmission - Quad
+6. Hainan resort - Rhib/Jetski


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