Operation FireTeam
Tag: [OFT] Fans: 4 Created: 2014-01-15

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This is a clan for people that love BF4 teamplay. "Fireteam" is from MOHW. It's a 2-man squad that PTFOs. We NEVER give up and fight till the end. We are recruiting; don't worry-- K/D does not matter. We care only that you have the will of a champion, even in hard times. Player types we need are: RECONS, ASSAULTS, JET PILOTS/Heli PILOTS, and SUPPORT PLAYERS.
RULES: 1: You need a mic for communication. 2: Must stand by your fire teammate.
3: No racism.
4: Must use clan tag OFT.
5: Always ptfo and never give up.
6: Have fun.
Any questions? Ask TommyHawkFPS. REMEMBER, THIS IS A BF4 CLAN
*Have fun and God bless. Individually, we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.


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