Noob Disposal Unit Inc
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Noob Disposal Unit Inc. is a company dedicated to safe and efficient removal of noobs by robotic means (EOD or MAV). Of primary concern is 1: Removal of noobs, 2:Safety of the unit operator (as they are vulnerable while operating their unit), and finally, 3: PTFO.

You do not have to use the NDUI tags if you do not wish, but platoon application will involve one of the 3 requirements:

(1), 101 kills with either EOD or MAV.... or front-loader (but wtf! lol)

(2), if you do not like being a Unit Operator, you must agree to the following: Play as Support and leave an ammo box PERMANTLY where directed by a fellow Unit-Operator (many units are destroyed in the process of removing noobs, and operators need a constant supply, IN A SAFE LOCATION!), the Support may then go on to play as they please, removing noobs MANUALLY!!... but at their own risk, NDUI health benefits will not cover them in the case of serious injury or death. The Support must be ready to resupply if the ammo box gets destroyed, or if the "safe location" has been compromised, they must be ready to drop ammo in a new location as will be directed.

(3) Play as Assault and ALWAYS have Smoke grenades equipped, playing Co-Op style with an EOD (or MAV) Operator, whereby the EOD rushes ahead of you after you smoke the enemies, 99% of the time the enemy cannot resist trying to shoot at an EOD, and you rush in while they are reloading and confused. It's win-win for both the Unit-Operator and Manual noob-disposers. This is much more effective than the traditional "Throw Granade, Wait-a-second, RUSH!" method. Most enemies can see/hear a grenade thrown and run for cover, when an EOD rolls-up, everyone stops what their doing and unloads their mags on the EOD, because hey! Who wants to be humiliated by an EOD-kill? Nobody unloads their mag on a grenage you've thrown, and they're probably expecting your rush because of it! So, in a nutshell, launch smoke, let EOD rush ahead of you, wait untill you hear the firing die-off, rush in while they're reloading and drop'em (if the Operator didn't succeed in taking them all out first, but that's rare anyways). And besides, just think of how cool it'd be to have a little robotic body-guard with you! It'd just be you and this lil robot running around together while others think WTF?

So in a nutshell:
(1) 101 EOD/MAV kills, or
(2) Play as Support (for constant resupplying), or
(3) Play as Assault (for, let's call it, "robot-rush")

This platoon is in desperate need of a bad-ass MAV-operator, to combo with an EOD for a robotic-slaughtering of epic proportions. John Conner was right you know!! But hey, if you can't beat Skynet, join'em!

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