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Platoon Presentation

// This Platoon is for Fans and Friends!

// Das Platoon zum tHe miXed Server. Werde Mitglied dieses Platoon und du bekommst einen VIP Slot auf dem Server! Wenn du möchtest kannst du unser Platoon-Tag "[tHe]" vor deinem Nickname setzen!

// The Platoon of tHe miXed Server. Join this Platoon and you will get a VIP-Slot! If you want you can put our Platoon-Tag "[tHe]" on your Nickname!

// BF3 Server:
Battlefield Lounge | Vote a Map! | : (48 Slots)

// TeamSpeak:

// Serverrules:
Rule #1: Respect the Serverrules!
Rule #2: No SMAW/RPG on Infantry!
Rule #3: Go for the Objective!
Rule #4: Don't attack Enemy Base with Jet/Heli!
Rule #5: Repair or Revive your Teammate!
Rule #6: No Baserape!
Rule #7: No Spawnrape!
Rule #8: No Insulting or Racism!
Rule #9: No Vehicle stealing from Enemy base!
Rule #10: No C4 on Flags or against Infantry!
Rule #11: Don't spam with Grenades!
Rule #12: Play Fair, No Camping!
Rule #13: Watch your Language!
Rule #14: Play in Squads/Teams!
Rule #15: Don't use Jets to kill Infantry!
Rule #16: Special Rules on Operation Metro and TDM!

// Ingame Commands:
Useful Cmds: "Q / !rank / !rules / !admin / !calladmin <reason> / !votecamper"
Stats Cmds: "!top10 / !potd / !rank / !session / !dogtags / !wtop10"
Sniper infos at "!snipers or !sniperx"
You can see all Command with "!help"

// VIP Slot (Reserved Slot):
- Reserved Slot is for free!
- It includes Whitelist for Highping and Balancer.
- And you have a Double Vote Count for Map Vote.

- !lead - take squad leader position
- !killme - admin kill without death in scoreboard
- !switchme - switch between teams

// Admins:


If you want - send me an e-mail ;-)

// Contact:
Web Stats Page :

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