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SlapSlap 2vs2 Heli Cup:
2k16 8v8 mixed:
Hi guys , this is a small cup on BF3 only for fun , season 1 was played on Venice Unleashed mode and it's over ,season 2 was played on vanilla BF3 and it's over as well , if you wanna apply for season 3 add one of the leaders !
Our Server on Venice Unleashed : pw: SlapSlap
-#1 Winner of SlapSlap Season 1 : Columbus_1440P
-#2 Second Place : Professor_Joka
-#3 Third Place : Jaxer
The Cup Scores :

-#1 Winner of SlapSlap Season 2 : NoAimButBiceps69
-#2 Second Place : df-AIex
-#3 Third Place : Professor_Joka
The Cup Scores :

-#1 Winner of SlapSlap Season 3 : Haimelik
-#2 Second Place : df-Javi
-#3 Third Place : NoAimButBiceps69
The Cup Scores :
Server config :
Map: Caspian
Disable : ON (the disable is ON just like normal Vanilla BF)
Rules are simple :
5 rounds first guy who get's 3 points wins !
if you crash it counts as a kill for the other opponent
if you don't play your match before midnight today the other guy who is online get's the win.
20 minute as time limit . if a df stay more then 20 minute the guy who kill the other win the round .
Brackets :
Matches of season 1 :
Spectator view are on this playlist :
Finals :
Matches On Pilot's POV are on this Playlist :
Finals from Joka's POV:
Matches of Season 2 :
Matches from Pilot's POV are on this Playlist
Finals from NoAimButBiceps69's POV :
Matches of Season 3:
Finals from Javi POV :

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