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Platoon Presentation

With applying you agree with the following rules:
1. Make sure you're not using any "hacking-programs".
2. Don't apply with your alternative account(s) or take part with 2 (or more) different accounts.
3. You need at least 5 points to win a match (there's no best-of-five).
4. If you crash into the ground, your opponent gets a point (no-rego).
5. If you both crash (leaving you both killed/disabled) at the same time, nobody gets a point.
6. You get a point with KILLING your opponent (Disable isn't enough).
7. Both pilots have to record their matches. Your POV must be uploaded asap to advance (and don't hide your death please (Killcam is important!)).
8. Air-Radar is a requirement.
9. If someone disconnects during a dogfight, it's a point for his opponent. Wait 5 minutes for his return at least otherwise it's a win by default.


Cup Winner: iDC-Javi
Finalist: FlufyMarshmllows
Semi-Finalists: BMC4LIFE_figure & CX-Stupid-

Communication is all, means: If you already know you're not able to play over a long time, please please tell us. Otherwise, I'm forced to distribute "default wins".

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