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Platoon Presentation

We started as a five man team for a clan battle on Resistance 3, but our roots come from Resistance Fall of Man and some of us have been playing together since then.

In the beginning we were oNO, one of the biggest clans of the Resistance series. After moving to Black Ops and being very successful, we returned to the Resistance series to relive our past glory. We played Resistance 3 for two months and didn't lose a single game. We beat all of the clans that were around during that time, including some of the oldest and most respected. After those two months we moved to MW3, leaving the other clans to fight for the number one spot.

When a clan was finally brave enough to challenge us, claiming to be the new top clan on Resistance 3, !!! was born. It was a team of five remaining oNO members who were very close friends, ipkiss, Schickelgruber_ (A.K.A. akingishere), Raven__, Simo_Romanista, and x_RFOM-DEMON_x. We decided to use the !!! tag because our clan was officially retired from the game. During the next year we won all of our clan battles and recruited some of the finest players from well known clans, for example, 333, 501, and SOS. After dominating Resistance 3, some of us moved to BF3 and now we plan on making BF4 the new home for all of us.

Until September 2013 we were always a small part of oNO, but due to a number of different reasons we decided to leave oNO and officially become independent. Now we're technically a team, not a clan. Therefore we don't need to stress ourselves like a clan. We're all friends here so just relax and have fun.

When BF4 is released for the PS4, the platoon will be lead by Corybus, Mr_Bluejay, Raven__, RollerDevil666, and SuicideDrug. If the game doesn't allow us to use our !!! tag we will use a similar tag like III. (Capital i's)

Although the platoon will have "leaders", the team does not. All members are treated equally. We respect each others opinions and If someone starts shit with one of us, they'll have to deal with all of us.



You need at least a 2.0 K/D.

We're in no rush to recruit new members, but if anyone wants to join they're welcome to try out. These tryouts will consist of 1v1's against any of our best players(not always). In addition to this, potential recruits will have to play with us for a while and get to know the team, then the platoon leaders will vote to decide if they can join.

Any of our members can recommend a potential recruit. We want talented players who can deal with any situation. We don't want players who use overpowered weapons or cheap tactics, and we definitely don't want players who use their admin rights to give themselves an advantage.



Use our tag.

Don't join any other platoons.

Try to maintain at least a 2.0 K/D.

Be a team player.

If you have a mic, use it.

Don't quit a game unless it's absolutely necessary.

Don't use any overpowered weapons or cheap tactics, for example, shotguns and camping. We're known for our clean and fair play. If you want to experiment with these weapons and tactics, feel free, but don't do it very often or you'll just become another cheap whore.

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