Pussy Syndicate Xtreme
Tag: [DOC] Fans: 35 Created: 2013-11-07

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Pussy Syndicate Xtreme - "Cause pussy is pussy and baby you're pussy for life"

WELCOME TO Pussy Syndicate PLATOON founded by DrTomatoyush [The pussy of all Trades]
We are a bunch of ambitious Pussies representing our DrTomatoyush,
We have high hopes of becoming a better pussy than our DrTomatoyush,
Pussy Syndicate is not just a clan it is a gaming community-made by a TomatoPussy ,for all pussies.

Our Tomato/ Pussy Farm


Join in the farm for a free ban / kick.
Our motto is to kick our own country players so we can play againsts walls/breakbuildings/swim in the water/ do our own leveloution and build noob stats.

1 Tomato / Pussy lovers Only
2 Clan Tag Must Be Set To [DOC] Always
3 Respect All The Players by Banning them, for no reason
4 Dont Speak And dont Understand Basic English or Hindi
5 Always Fuck Your Teammates
6 Must Have A Pussy
7 Please Don't Ask For Tomato juice
8 Must NOT have a tomato face like DrTomatoyush
9 Don't forget to Fan the Platoon ! ( unless you wanna get BANNED )
10 And Don't forget to start every sentence in your life with "Dekho Aisa Hai"

### Chintu has gone missing and was last seen when he was told to go C by DrChutyush/Tomatoyush.
If you find him do tell him that he has been banned by DrChutyush for Not Coming to TS.


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