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Platoon Presentation

Hello everyone! The purpose of this platoon is to serve as a tanking school for those willing to get better on BF4 for the PS4. I, hopefully along with others, will have no problems helping out any of you in learning how to tank, or improving on their current tanking skills. This platoon is also to showcase some of BF3/4's finest tankers.

Not only do I want this to become a big tank school, but I would wish for this platoon to become the tank hub for BF4, where tankers at all skill levels could challenge each other to 1v1's, 2v2's, and so on. Hopefully, we might host tourneys and what not with prizes included, but that is not yet know. It is unlikely, but it's what I would like. Let's grow this as much as possible!

Everyone be sure to spread the word about this platoon, and pretty much tell all your tanking buddies about it and invite them to it!

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