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--------------------- eXiled Alliance --------------------

Hello and Welcome to eXiled Alliance! We are a clan under a community of gamers by the same name. Originally spawning from Bangladesh, now an international platform for gamers.

This Platoon is a sub-platoon of eXiled Alliance.
Players who want to join ExA are welcome here.

We are recruiting members from all around the globe. You can join us without any hesitation. Your stats doesn't matter and we will help you improve if you think you are not good enough.

-------------------------- RULES -------------------------
We don't have any strict requirement to join our clan. But some simple rules should be followed.

» Any form of cheating, hacking and use of macro is forbidden.
» No flaming, abusive language or anything which will ruin the reputation of the clan.
» Attend at Teamspeak while playing.
» Respect other members.
» Always wear the [ExAc] tag.


► Our Battlefield 3 server : Server 1 :
Server 2 : (premium only)
► Our Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/503639929740092/ ◄
► Our website : on construction ◄
► Our Teamspeak channel : ts.exa-clan.com ◄

------------------------HOW TO JOIN--------------------
►join this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/503639929740092/
►wear the [ExAc] clan tag
►send a join request.

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