Nato Elit Force
Tag: [NET] Fans: 9 Created: 2015-02-28

Platoon Presentation

A New Clan For Battlefield 3.

Recruit Requirements:

1. High Skilled Players Will Be Appreciated.

2. If Your A NOOB. Don't Worry we will Make You A Pro.

3. Imagine All The Best Players In One Clan. We Will Be Unbeatable.

4. If You Are Not Active/Performing Ingame You Will Be Kicked.

5. To Apply, Add A Leader.

6. We Haven't Bought A TS Server/Game Yet. But If We Get Some Support I Will Invest In It.

7. Player Has To Always Wear The [ProX] Clan Tag.

8. Speak English And Have A Microphone

9. If You Join This Clan. I Can Guarantee You Will Excel In This Game.

10. Be Nice To Everyone. Peace.