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Platoon Presentation

Hello soldiers!

Welcome to our platoon UKMessy.

UKM is an international group of Friends who plays for fun.


::::: SERVER RULES :::::

1. Jets are not allowed, even for the transport.
2. No vehicle stealing from enemy base.
3. No baseattacking and camping in base.
4. Play in squad & don't lock squad.
5. All weapons allowed except shotguns.

*Less than 10 players - no heli, unless admin decides otherwise.
*Behave nicely, respect other players.
*If you run back to the base, it is not a baserape.
*No TV launching from the base.
*A player gets kick if an admin joined during full server.


Team Speak:

Enjoy the game :) ... and remember about the rules, read them before you start to play!

One for all, all for one!

See you in the game :)


Platoon feed

  • Antisocial311 wrote on the wall for UKMessy:
    Thanks for accepting me :) I am a mean and rude bastard so be warned :)
  • Antisocial311 joined the platoon UKMessy
  • UKM-SOUTHERN wrote on the wall for UKMessy:
    I have changed heli rule from no heli below 10 players to an admins decision in game as this rule is causing problems with games starting. I think that this rule is delaying game start up and as there is normally at least 1 trustworthy admin present at game start up ie Trill , Liam , flachie, or myself it should be left to admin to decide the best course of the gameplay. Please feel free to disagree or agree Many thanks SOUTH
    UKM-JEANMARINE Please, predict or anticipate a good balance! It will not be easy, especially with "unknown" players!
    1 week ago
    UKM-FOX-German Teamspeak is still running ?
    1 week ago
  • UKM-mrskrash joined the platoon UKMessy
    UKM-CURRY AVE mrskrash! Welcome to UKMessy platoon. Remember that you can not use shortcuts or tags from other platoons. Moreover you have to respect the rules on our server and be nice to the other players. Enjoy the game and see you soo...
    2 weeks ago
  • UKM-SOUTHERN wrote on the wall for UKMessy:
    And do it properly
  • UKM-SOUTHERN wrote on the wall for UKMessy:
    Hi all Amullas and Zarhead the reason for ban is because when less than 10 players repeatedly you have used chopper. This causes a problem because the game becomes seriously unbalanced , especially as you are both good in chopper , so when both of you are in same chopper it is unfair to other players and as you where admins you should be aware of this as the game relies on fairness, If you where in chopper and an admin can see the game is still balanced then i see no problem which is what the rule says although this situation is rare. You both know the rule is there and as admin should respect that. Treyafugle you unbanned zar even when it said do not unban in procon it would have been better to go on discord to get go ahead to do this. whats the point of having admins if they all do their own thing. Lastly as admins you should all discuss any problems on discord its there to communicate and this goes for all admins i know of only 4 that use it. If you are admin make a commitme
  • AMALUSS wrote on the wall for UKMessy:
    Hello everyone, the player of ukm mr skrasch again gave me ban on the server UKM for nothing. No one from admins reacts. I do not know who it is, but if everyone has it in the ass does what they want and smashes the server is hard. it's probably the end of my adventure with the UKM clan. Thank you for a great game. I greet and wish you successful conquests.