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Welcome To -PROS-MultiGaming -PMG-
Visit Us @ https://www.pmg.enjin.com/

Connect To PMG Discord Voice Server @ https://discord.gg/aGk5ENj

Server 1: OFF LINE
Server 2: OFF LINE

We Play Many Other Games You Can find Out More Info At The PMG Web Page OR Contact PMG-Sprayer41 or any team Member With the info

We Stream All PMG Server's TO PB-bans ,GGC, ACI- Anti-cheat- detectors , We use Meta-bans Cheat-detectors and www.247fairplay.com/
mixed with the PB-bans Streaming Admin Tool's And Rcon-Net Admin-Data Tool's. Provided To All Admin's To Help Keep The Server's Clean.

Cheat Reporting
If you would like to submit information about a cheat or suspicious game activity, please e-mail:

research@evenbalance.com along with all info battle log and 247fairplay links / info or any prof

https://getbblog.com/ add this plug in to your battle log page it will make your battle log so much better with live stats

Dont For Get To Visit The PMG Web Page www.pmg.enjin.com And Dont For Get To Join The PMG Platoon

If You are Having problems joining the server because of punk-busters you might need to update your pb files click here to update pb files https://www.evenbalance.com/pbsetup.php or just use the pbsvc to update or fix part a/b files https://www.evenbalance.com/downloads.php

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  • -Pmg-Sprayer41 wrote on the wall for -PROS-MultiGaming PMG:
    The PMG =PROS=MultiGaming Server Is up and running Visit Us at ...#1 Sydney Australia 24/7 feel free to visit us at www.pmg.enjin.com and join the platoon if you like or join the PMG Discord have fun and enjoy
  • -Pmg-Sprayer41 wrote on the wall for -PROS-MultiGaming PMG:
    The PMG =PROS=MultiGaming Server Is Back Up and running for all to play in for the next 3 months and so i have some were to play with my friends this is pretty much a privet server that i pay for me and my family to play in that i have made public and to all we will not tolerate any disrespect at all towards and PMG member or Admins or family members that play in my server when we get time to play we would like to keep a clean server this means we will be Streaming To PBBans , GGC ,ACI and using all admin tools and data bases provide to us from pbbans and ACI Admin tools we do the hard Admin work so you can have a clean server and clean player's to play with knowing that the server is Protected Automatically with the best up to date Data admin Tools Provided To Us so WARNING Punk-busters And GGC and ACI, and www.247fairplay.com and The Cheat-O-Meter from meta-bans plugins this and more admin tools provided are to help protect us from the unwanted hackers have fun play clean.
  • AeonGRYE was kicked from platoon -PROS-MultiGaming PMG.
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    AeonGRYE haha.. petty little boys
    1 year ago
    -Pmg-Sprayer41 this player was a member of PMG and was kicked for being rude and disrespectful towards a PMG member we dont need this in ower ranks and will not tolerate disrespect towards ower admins even from petty little boys all said and ...
    6 months ago
  • BAD-BAD-STALKER1 was kicked from platoon -PROS-MultiGaming PMG.
    1970EAGLESNEST lol PMG at it again kick this kick that
    1 year ago
    -Pmg-Sprayer41 Bad-Bad-stalker1 was kicked from the platoon because we are a Punk-busters streaming server and this means we can not have known hackers or banned players in the platoon or In PMG team even if he was and still is a great friend ...
    6 months ago
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