4EVER BF3 #4
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Platoon Presentation

Platoon #1 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2955065231014562157/
Platoon #2 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2955064800161166756/
Platoon #3 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2955065251160250954/

Platoon for Admins, Fans and Friends... feel free to join. :)
You can apply for ban appeal or if you need help. However, moaning here about admin decisions will result in a permanent ban. As long as you stay friendly, we can discuss about kicks/bans.

A few notes because there were questions about it in the past:
-We don't accept donations.
-If the server is down, it might be because it crashed or got disconnected from battlelog. In both cases, it should restart itself after a while and thus fix the issue.
-If you can't join the server because battlelog tells you that you need B2K DLC, even though you have it, wait for a new round to start and join then. There is a script running that removes B2K maps from the rotation at the beginning of a round, and adds them back just before the votemap starts.

Website: http://4ever-gaming.de
TS3: ts.4ever-gaming.de (
Discord: https://discord.gg/MFqRXtE


4EVER BF3 - Kings of Conquest - Best Map Mix + DLC - 1000T - 64

Battlelog: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/pc/e143771b-379d-42b8-ad44-acf394098156
Stats: http://stats.4ever-gaming.de/
G-Portal: https://www.g-portal.com/serverbrowser#!/detail/12681
GGC-Stream: https://www.ggc-stream.net/server/125765
Gametracker: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
BF3Stats: http://bf3stats.com/server/pc_e143771b-379d-42b8-ad44-acf394098156


In short:
1. NO cheating/hacking
2. NO glitching
3. NO racism
4. NO ramming
5. NO baseraping
6. NO basecamping
7. NO air-/tankpeace
8. NO asocial behaviour
We put a couple of things under this point, which could be summarized as "Don't be a dick", so here are some of them:
8.1 pilot/driver choose gunner
8.2 NO friendly C4
8.3 NO wasting vehicles
8.4 NO vehicle spawn blocking
8.5 NO stealing of air vehicles
8.6 NO Hiding on Conquest Assault if you are the only one surviving and there is no way of winning anyway.
8.7 NO excessive use of insults

For a more detailed explanation of how we interpret these rules see http://4ever-gaming.de/server-rules/ . We are fully aware that we can not enforce these rules at all times, as the abilities of plug-ins is very limited in BF3. However, reporting people that break rules helps us to identify players that we have to keep an eye on. We obviously will NOT ban anyone directly for being reported since that would open the door for abuse. Also you will quite often be able to find someone that can help you on our teamspeak.

These rules also apply for our admins and their friends!!! Nobody should have an advantage only because he's admin or he knows an admin. We don't care about gender, skin color, religion, politics or other bullshit. It's a game and we are playing it to have fun. Forget the real life. :)

We are serious about our rules so don't accuse us of abusing our admin rights when you get kicked, banned or anything. In most cases, YOU have done something wrong (and you know that). We are spending our money here so that you can play the game and if you don't agree with our rules, feel free to play somewhere else.

VIP Membership:

- Our top 16 players get a VIP slot.
- If you regularly help us getting the server full when it has become empty overnight, you will also receive a VIP Slot.
- VIPs don't have to wait in queue (yes, we kick other players for them), won't get autobalanced and kicked for high ping. They also have more influence on the map vote. The VIP list gets updated when necessary (last update: 12.05.2018).
- Our system detects name changes. So if you change your in-game name, you will not lose your VIP slot.

Ping Limit:

- Ping Limit is 200 ms between 10 am and 10 pm UTC + when more than 40 players are online.
- If your ping is fluctuating too much, you might get kicked by our autoadmin as well (at any time).
- The kick message always looks like this: "Exceeding Ping Limit. Cur:[xxx ms], Avg:[xxx ms]"

Worth mentioning:

- Available chat commands for guests: !rules, !report, !assist, !vip, !rank, !top10, !nextmap, !altf4, !beast, !king, !noob, !op, !rekt, and !tryhard
- Server is hosted by G-Portal and gets restarted every 12 hours (of course only when there aren't any players online). If it's lagging or crashing, blame them and not us. ;)
- We do our best to provide a flawless game experience (believe it or not).
- All Admins are listed on the website.
- We enforce the http://help.ea.com/en/article/bf3-rules-of-conduct/
- Our servers are to 99% cheater free.
- Add our server to your favorites!
- The player ranking on Gametracker has nothing to do with the VIP ranking.
- Please don't use this platoon for advertising, it's a support platoon.
- Yolo
- Swag
- Add our server to your favorites! :P
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