make cupcakes, don't play on PC! 4 years ago

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  • mastel8 wrote on the wall for Bad Azz Brothers:
    For the story, 5 years ago the BAD team was born! And yesterday, with Cali, we replayed at BF3 with great pleasure ... remembering all great time on Our founder is missing, but laughter is always present
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    MaMaTK50 5ans?? tu abuses>... nous avons creer la team en 2009/2010
    1 year ago
    MaMaTK50 a force de ne plus laisse des traces...
    1 year ago
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  • mastel8
    make cupcakes, don't play on PC!
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    JEMAlNE ^^
    4 years ago
    Awesome_Cali lol
    4 years ago
  • mastel8
    the second test on the computer ... 1 year after ... is a failure.I hate my fucking PC. I do not have the right to say that the game is zero, just me and my fingers
    JEMAlNE You just need to play regularly for a few weeks Mastel, we all struggle at first but you will get it.. When you do you'll never want to use a controller for an FPS again..
    4 years ago
    Awesome_Cali agree and desagree, when you play everyday, mouse + keyboard is great coz you need lot of practice mostly after controllers but when you dont play regularly, controllers is 100000 times better. my point of view of course.
    4 years ago
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