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Website: www.oldtimerstactical.co.uk • Erstellt: 27.02.2014

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Welcome to Old Timers Tactical Multigaming. We are a group of 'older' PC gamers who enjoy online multiplayer games. As a community we provide public game servers for first person shooters, however, our members can be found playing a diverse selection of games which include FPS', Driving, RTS' and even the odd game of poker. Members come from a diverse background and are spread throughout the EU and NA. We play mainly for fun but often to win!

If you'd like to apply to the platoon, please head to the website and register. BL platoon page is invite only.


looking for that "invite me plz" button, but can't find it. can anyone help me?
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Hey guys sorry for not been around for last 1 month or so, but am back!!! and am coming for tags http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Symb1ant/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] dont be slacking on ur videos lads :)
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I need to shoot something... anyone up for a few games
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Hi everybody! Thanks for the invite and letting me on. I look forward to gaming with you guys! I am in NC, USA. I will try to be as active as possible but have a wife and 2 young kids so I keep pretty busy. I typically play at least one late evening a week and often more than that. I have been playing BF games since the beginning. I was very active on BF2 and BF3. Never been in a clan/platoon before and I am tired of playing alone. I am glad to be with you guys and will see you on the battlefield!
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Greetings to everyone!!! My name is Mark ,and im VERY sick of playing alone on BF4 ,i started searching for a platoon on forums ,and likely (i hope) i found your platoon guys. Its hard to find a good crew for playing with both tactical and fun these days. I've been with BF multiplayer since BATTLEFIELD 2 ,and played every BF since, exept Bad Company (played both games but never multiplayer). Mostly i played on PS3 ,both BF3 and BF4 ,but i know a lot about how to play fully tactical and coop with your squad mates ,i was doing dat every time with my friends on PSN. And i really like this type of gameplay ,but still having a lot FUN during it! Thats why i like your platoon and thats why i want to be part of it. But there's a thing, as you saw in my message ,i was playing on Playstatoin only ,and recently i get my hands on a new PC ,and im never choose any other platform for playing in BATTLEFIELD (you know ...64 players... much more tanks ,planes ,heli's on map.... amazing graphics)!!! But im kinda new to PC conrols and my level is 07 yet. Im in a proccess. But besides that i can play teamwork ,i know WHAT Battlefield is, i feel respectful for any race/nation/relligion ,and i can SPEAK English ,not just type it ,and using a mic for me is not a problem! haha. So i leave my message rite here and wait for answer. Thanks for reading my post. Have a great time! GOOD LUCK!

P.S. I am Russian - yes. And if u want to ask me, why im not looking for Russian Federation platoon ,my answer will be - i speak Russian every day with friends ,collegues and partners ,and its very important to me not to stop on self-development and trying new things ,meeting new people ,including development of my English language etc.
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do you have girls in the platoon.....
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They have Lannie no? :D
5 years her
You know he's asking for science, right?
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Hmm, still can't register to your website :(
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Hoah people Come on .... we can get this on.
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