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Erstellt: 27.02.2014

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Welcome to the Ghost Regiment... where tactics and strategy count!

Here's what we're about:

Tactical, focused game play and maturity are not the exception here but are instead the rule. Squad based tactics in conjunction with air/ground cover are what we prefer; however, adaptability to any given situation is a strength and part of what gives us the power to counter any threat presented . If those are facets you feel aren't personal strong points or define your play, we thank you for your interest and welcome you to look elsewhere. While this may be a casual platoon, this is still a military/war game.

The requirements we have are few, but what's most important is as follows:

> 18+ preferred
> Headset mic for team communication
> Strong desire for teamwork
> Maturity
> Willingness to play any class in order to benefit and better strengthen the team
> No membership restrictions based on existing platoons
> PC platform

That's it. Plain and simple.

If you feel these are characteristics that define you and your play style, feel free to join up to fight alongside others who are of a like mind and spirit.

Once you have been accepted, please change your tag to match that of the platoon so that your brothers on the battlefield can recognize you and your enemies grow to fear us.

***This platoon happily welcomes and respects all former military and law enforcement personnel.***


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I've added your platoon to our site Battlefield Platoon - Directory http://www.battlefieldplatoon.com/ [battlefieldplatoon.com]
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Thank. We appreciate it.
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you can also find your platoon at this link .. I am redirecting the domain name to a new host http://battlefieldplatoon.clanservers.com/index.php/display [battlefieldplatoon.clanservers.com]
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Welcome, fellow warriors!
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