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Website: www.teambfc.co.za • Erstellt: 27.02.2014

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Please apply on our website direct if you want to be part of the oldest and longest running Battlefield clan in South Africa.

http://www.teambfc.co.za [teambfc.co.za]


Battlefield 4 bug LOCKER

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m9qBpW2IlI [youtube.com]
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Donation time for this terrific server go to: https://www.gameservers.com/clanpay/?clanid=1f5d9393f1c0ea3c93fadd90d2f10582 [gameservers.com] Thanks guys , Raptor
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-BFC-xXAndyWTFXx ; Fuck Cheater Platoon & Idioten ,
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Hi Bull.

Send you an invite. You know what to do!!
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cool emblem cool names cool guns every things cool may i join your platoon to be awesome like you guys
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Applied to the website & platoon, could someone please accept me. Friend of -BFC-I-SnOoPeR-I
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You guys still alive?
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Hey Guys

Would you guys be as kind as to send me ut ts details if you have, woud love to chat to you sometime about setting up some Friendlies, Let me know if that is cool.
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Go to our site, Teambfc.co.za. we arrange wars and clannies there, just follow the Challenge us link on our site, thankswww.teambfc.co.za [teambfc.co.za]
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