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-Proud Member Of devastatio/\/, formerly known as Quantic | Devastation since Sunday May 18th 2014 recruited by Aldo-Chubby in my tummy-Reyes -

♛ Undefeated in the Regular Season of FN Season 2 (13-0): devastatio/\/
♛ FN Season 2 Regular Season Crown Holder: devastatio/\/
♛ FN Season 2 Champions: devastatio/\/
♛ #1 2v2 Team SMAW/ Team Chubby (aldocreyes/SIlMPLIClITY)
♛ #2 ESB Season 2 with devastatio/\/
♛ #1 G4G 4/25/15
♛ #1 G4G 6/6/15
♛ #2 G4G 6/8/15

My youtube channel:
devastatioN's youtube channel:

My Twitch channel:

My Twitter:

About me:
I am a infantry player for devastation.
I recruit infantry for devastatioN.
Sponsored by MhSV eSports

I have the keys to Smawldo's chopper. Without me, he has no chopper. I got my golden rep tool.

My internet:


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