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There is a room where the light won't find you

Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down

when they do I'll be right behind you .

De Infamous, Spyker here..

____ Jesus of Battlefield ____

Oldschool player , playing bf since bf2 (2005) played bf3 for 3 years on my bro's account . in 2017 i got this account , i dont play much recently cuz no free time :(

setup : hp laptop 15.6 inches screen , core i7-5500u ,gt 820m ,ram 8gb ddr3 , no extra keyboard , any mouse it doesn't matter , no desktop or table just lying on bed :) 60-50fps
I'm Software engineer btw :)

No Cheats , No Hacking stuff , and never used staff shell , soflam or guided shell , Just Pure Skill .

Fact : #1 Accuracy in Palestinian Territory

Here is some old stuff that could make more sense , no need to subscribe i'm not thinking about uploading more shots later



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