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I was around level 200 in the heli in BF3.

I'm a team player and j usually play infantry and heli. I like to play with people that have a mic/headset because I think communication is essential in these type of games!

I´m from Portugal but i have a Cambridge degree in English. Im studying programming in Lisbon and Sweden/LA is my dream (DICE fans will understand). Im also into photography which is also a great passion of mine and to accompany my passion for photography i also like Design, more especifically, Photoshop Editing.

I´m an AHQ Guide, so if you have any questions please do it there.
My twitter:Sir_SOS
FTW eSports

#mooraiders #TEHQ #722 #FNB #EA #PTFO #FTW
Proud member of all my clans!


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