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Website: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/dunning%e2%80%93kruger_effect • Created: 2014-02-27
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Lets face it.
If your k/d is less than 5, you're spawning in and getting LESS than 5 kills before you die.
You're not only letting yourself down, but letting the team down with your sub-par ability.

Monstrous Stats:
5+ k/d (joining requirement)
2+ kpm in a vehicle
3.5+ kpm with a weapon
1000+ spm

Invalid Excuses for Bad Stats:
I'm a team player
I don't quit games
I just play for fun
I don't camp spawns
I don't teamstack
I play infantry....


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I love KPM, accept plz.
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u suck
4 years ago
I will 1v1 u scrubs blindfolded and smack you into a coma.
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5 years ago
Hey, I have a lollipop and a bucket to clean up your poop, since all you do is camp your vehicles. Can I join as your Maid>?
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Hey guys, someone told me I should join this platoon. So I am giving it a go.
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Hello? Please accept <3
5 years ago
rq monsters
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can i join ?,those stats are seset but my spm is higher,my real kd/r is 3.19 but i reseted my stats +10k kills ago,i have +2 kpm with scouts and +3.5 kpm with the rgo impact
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you can join
5 years ago
Bunch o hacks... thats all.
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If anyone reads this I am stuck at home no way out, I am very skilled at video games I am also very very cold, its been 3 months since the moon landing,i see no one and I miss my triple j. I am alone, dun dun dun!!!! Plz Plz if there is anyone out here plz plz help me.
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Kick the tires and light the fires big daddy I am comin home.
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I am soon to make a return. lock your bitches up I shall be n1 again
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hg kardeşim tabiki gelebilirsin
seni birinci orduya alalım istersen http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/453035467536389210/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] skillin baya yüksek komutanlık yapabilirmisin.
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ünlü asbera bana mesaj gönderiyor lanet olsun çok sevinçliyim
6 years ago
keşke benide 2.kolordusuna alsa... Vazelin veririm Hacı şakirde var...
6 years ago
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/ebfe2844-4b50-488b-9102-29dbb1a29f6b/FTB-01-CQ-ROTATION-HARDCORE-2000-TKTS-FAST-RESPAWN-24-7/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Who wants to go on the ultimate farming server ???? i've been abusing it and keeping it sort of a secret, but the gloves are off and now i'm going to actively encourage people to join it and rape, the admins are rarely even on teamspeak let alone in game AND i've gotten 5 teamkillers banned by talking with the admin when he actually is on so he's quite friendly and has never threatened me in any way for farming there. Oh and its "brazilian" even though the server is in america, so the majority of the players have pings of 140 to 300 making them essentially 300 to 500 milliseconds delayed versus our .150 and below reaction time + ping, meaning we have roughly a 100 to 300 millisecond advantage over every player.
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ne diyon amınha kodumun
6 years ago
ne diyon amınha kodumun
6 years ago
Criss de cave
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Ezilenlerin sesidir O,
Bf4'dün Birleştirici Gücüdür O,
Büyük Komutan ve Ustadır O
Düşman onu görünce kaçıcak dağlara
Uzun adam, büyük usta asbera.
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aspera aspera aspera aspera
6 years ago
Will somebody help me be good?
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Hepinizi sikerim lan
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6 years ago
efektus seni bi sikerim boş yolda oturarak gidersin. şöförede indi bindi parası yerine en uzak mesafe ücreti verirsin
6 years ago