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Website: skid.church • Created: 2014-09-08

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Welcome, friend.

Your lifelong quest for enlightment and salvation has come to an end for you have finally found the path of redemption, the path of our one true messiah: the almighty Skid Loader.
Be not afraid for our savior will guide you to victory and glory on the Battlefield.

WEBSITE: skid.church [skid.church]
TEAMSPEAK: skid.church

(Sidenote: Skid Loaders only available while stocks last)


HEY BLABLATORRET, snief my ferret fart !!!!
1 year ago • 5 likes
Dear AnusTheFerret,

thank you for your message. We will consider sniefing your fart.

Kind regards
-- ozzy
1 year ago
(SKID) ozzyfant : Fuck Idioten Platoon
7 months ago • 2 likes
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(SKID) Glabatorix ; Fuck Trottel & Idioten Platoon.
5 months ago
Hello Ron,

I´m sorry to hear about your complain. I will forward your case to your personal contact person (ozzyfant).

Don´t forget, we appreciate your feedback!

Best regards
not Glabatorix
5 months ago
You're shit and you know it. Fucking mother fuck each other - poor, the non-humans. To shit in your mouth bitches...
2 years ago • 4 likes
Thanks for your feedback!

Best regards
2 years ago
Stupid gey team...
2 years ago • 3 likes
cheater spacken clan
2 years ago • 4 likes