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287h 41m
The official Danish national team for Battlefield 4 and future battlefield games on PS4. This will be the team that will be representing Denmark in WNT and against other national teams.

INACTIVE, unless you represent Sweden or Norway

Official Server: LEGO - Team Denmark

Team Denmark is being represented in the following platoons:
pp, aM, DKA, HUGS, DEN, HaVc, LAG, V, dN and PnN

Achievements in BF3:
Euro Plate Winners!
Top 8 in World Nations 2012
Top 16 in World Nations 2013
Top 8 in World Nations III (5v5)
Top 16 in World Nations III (12v12)

Achievements in BF4:
Top 8 in WNT4 (15v15)
Undefeated on Siege of Shanghai (15v15)

WNT4 Match Results:
vs. Team Australia: 2-1
vs. Team Germany: 1-2
vs. Team Paraguay: 2-0

vs. Team USA: 1-2 (Quarter Final)

Pronation_aK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWip_xSuTwG_yitnZpkOUg [youtube.com]
The_Danish_Ninja: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDprDv_rU3yrxDziqXbEPAQ [youtube.com]
xLek: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCei5Uq745SM2CcBiBEAbmFA [youtube.com]

lxNinja__, KaderBGDK (aka. Putin), The_Infantry_guy, TORNSKADEVEJ, steffarno, pk66dk/ProNation__aK , OveseN7, driftkonge, TheWeaknesSpot, escofies, Larsen360, Davidss-93, MaxWaehrens, KAK_DK, xLeK_, Sukkerfod, Immenz__Wolvo, Quick51515, Pedigreepal, Pasiic, Vubber, nicolaisissel99, Selegante, No_Mersy

DK6950, lxNinja__, Davidss-93, Nicomartins, The_Infantry_guy

TORNSKADEVEJ, rilsoe, Hanzi,

KaderBGDK (aka. Putin), XxYamuvxX, Kak

Chrstaudt and rascaLYolo

Hvis du er interesseret i at joine, så kontakt enten xTheRealNinjax eller DK6950


Vs: Sweden & Norway when they get off from dodge-duty
Date & time: Someday, somewhere
Mode: Conquest
Rules: http://www.esport-battlefield.com/regles-esport/ [esport-battlefield.com]

http://i.imgur.com/21eV9ck.jpg [i.imgur.com]
http://i.imgur.com/pb1YDIU.jpg [i.imgur.com]


Server: LEGO - Team Denmark - Conquest Server
5 years ago • 1 Like
you guys still dodging? 1v15 me
3 years ago • 0 Like
aK is a noob :3
4 years ago • 0 Like
He is still trying to become our best infy. However he is still far behind
4 years ago
https://gyazo.com/b404dd30676830db4ab73c44c2e36da1 [gyazo.com] I better get started with the scraping :o
3 years ago
If you guys are searching for a european server to play it would be nice to see you guys more often on the “BiA Hellas” PS4 server of the greek BiA Platoon. We are trying to get enough people to favorite the server so we can switch it to Ranked, for mixed maps rotations. Its really boring playing against solo players from quick match. My PSN: Paul_Ellinas
4 years ago • 0 Like
Sure we can join your server sometimes. DKA many from TEAM LEGO are looking for a friendly match on sunday, 12v12 prefered. Add me if you guys are interested in a match http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/1558733909127886641/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
4 years ago
sweden? 1v15 meh
4 years ago • 0 Like
kk don't dodge m8
4 years ago
4 years ago • 0 Like
16 vs 16 add
4 years ago • 0 Like
Sorry, we are not playing matches at the moment.
4 years ago
I apologize for the mistake, the official result of ITA vs LEGO (scrim) was 1:2 (Team Denmark, winning Rogue by 56 tickets)! Good luck guys, hope to play you all again :)
4 years ago • 0 Like
Thanks, and good luck in playoffs :)
4 years ago
ITA > FIN :)
4 years ago
4 years ago • 0 Like
do u guys need any duplos?
4 years ago • 0 Like
Not funny
4 years ago
Hey guys are you interested in a scrim LEGO vs ITA? This thursday 8:30pm GMT? Please let me know!
4 years ago • 0 Like
Hey Tak for denne gang , det har været fedt at være med i team danmark. Jeg kommer ikke til at spille så meget bf4 mere da der kommer CoD Advanced Warfare om 2 ugers tid og Farcry 4 d.18 . Held og lykke frem over i WNT drenge. Hygge Jesper
4 years ago • 4 likes
:( Helt i orden Jesper. Det var fedt du kunne være med. Det kan være vi ses i andre spil i fremtiden.
4 years ago
Godt spillet drenge. En fornøjelse at se på !
4 years ago • 1 Like
Tak, det var en svær kamp. I sidste end var de lidt bedre end os og havde mere rutine.
4 years ago
can i ring?
4 years ago • 0 Like
well, can you?
4 years ago
Do you even Viking?
4 years ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmI_Ndrxy14 [youtube.com] gogo boys :D WNT
4 years ago • 0 Like