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Battlefield 4 suggestions (post yours below)

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FrownyInbound said:
jukukalle69 said:
That it won't be on consoles.
Awwwwwwwwww, you're so cute! I love morons.

My only wishes are for DICE to hire a new QA/Balancing team and for hit detection to be server side like BC2.

i was seriously about to respond to this. :c
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2014-10-19 18:51
Whenever a Levelution happens the Narrator (that tells you about points being taken etc) should comment on it and tell you to be aware of debry
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2014-10-20 01:33
System Gameboy Advance SP 256 Colours
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2014-10-20 17:23
I would suggest that for rented servers Admin have the ability to ban weapons and vehicles. I would also suggest for the sake of disclosure that all options banned be displayed in the server description so that there is no room for argument. As it stands there are a lot of rented servers which have rules that amount to no more than requests, which, generally get ignored by enough gamers to ruin the game experience and negating the point of having a privately rented server. Thank you for listening.
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2014-10-22 03:47
Two things that will really improve BF:

1) Add windage to the game. If it weren't stupid easy to kill with a sniper rifle the position wouldn't be abused so much. You already have the trees blowing around. Any marksman knows that you need to compensate for windage. Make the PLO you only tool to judge windage.
2) Add weight penalties to soldiers. In real armies the core of a fighting group is always the soldier carrying an assault or battle rifle. 8-10 lbs.

To allow players to choose any rifle without a weight penalty just leads to over-use and abuse of both the support and recon classes. If a player can take a one shot, one kill rifle which weighs 31 lbs + another 3 -4 lbs outfitted with magazine and telescopic and run just as fast as an assault class carrying a 10 lb weapon requiring 3-4 shots to kill then it isn't the fault of the player it is the fault of the development group.
I have made if a practice this last week or so to count the number of recon players on my team every game and this number IS BETWEEN 30 AND 50% in most every game. Not hard to figure out what this is doing to teamwork.

I am sorry but you folks don't get it and I would like to think that someday you will! You preach team play ... supposedly the defining thing that makes BF better than COD. Yet you design you game so that idiotic abuses are part of the core design. Frickin Schwarzenegger, in his prime couldn't carry a M240 with a belt and run more than a hundred yards. That is 27 lbs empty, double that outfitted. You want team play, then favour the light and fast assault class. Those sniper biatches aren't taking many flags anyay. Flags are accomplishments, accomplishments require teamwork.
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2014-12-29 05:32
Just one little thing. Nerf Scout helicopters. A scout heli, with a decent pilot, 7.62, laser guided and one or two people repairing it is BLATANTLY overpowered. It hunts down jets, like wtf, jets were supposed to hunt helis, not the other way around. They also hunt boats and infantry and basically everything. Please nerf scout helicopters.

*It's not me crying because I am a jet pilot, it is because everyone knows how overpowered scout helicopters are. If you Igla/Stinger/AA them, they just run to their base and get repaired so no, it is NOT fair.*
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2014-12-29 18:19
Add old weapons as VSS VINTOREZ DMR full auto¡¡¡
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2014-12-30 04:36
Alter TDM maps to be include less vertical gameplay. It would fix many of the maps for this mode.
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2014-12-31 05:38
Guys, be aware there is a suggestion forum below general discussion.
The Battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his and the enemies.
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2015-02-09 14:56
It would be cool to have some more layers in emblem editor for premium and non-premium members.. as well as more shapes and possibly the ability to edit them.
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2015-03-21 14:26
They should buff the Battlepickups, It actually makes people fight over it.
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2015-03-21 20:55
Hostage situations, bankrobberies with escapes, more linear gameplay honestly. You are in this bank, you must hold this bank and the hostages, you must escape to this point.
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2015-03-21 21:39
delete the whole game
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2015-03-21 22:40
I agree with the private servers being able to ban weapons/vehicles they see fit, because like you said requests are blatantly ignored (I was on a no snipe server and 1/3 of people were snipers...yeah). This would make me consider renting one if I could do this, also, I agree with nerfing scout helis, a scout heli should not be the most powerful helicopter let alone the powerhouse it is. An attack helicopter should obviously be better than a scout helicopter at taking on targets I mean seriously. I do agree with windage against snipers, but I can't say people abuse support, I still see slightly more assault than support (which it should be if its semi-realistic) and support guns don't have the accuracy of AR's so they are still balanced. Also I know this would never ever happen but if some annoying gadgets like UCAVs could just be thrown out it would help, take out RGO impact grenades and V40 Minis and you have a lot less annoying nade spam.
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2015-03-22 02:51
A Frostbite 3 remake of the Vietnam DLC from BC2 put into BF4 would be cool.
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CrazyGI1998 said:
A Frostbite 3 remake of the Vietnam DLC from BC2 put into BF4 would be cool.

This but instead of just the dlc can we have a whole remaster without the nub oriented trash clogging up the loadouts. And i want to be able to level essentially everything again
And please dont let visceral touch the bf name ever again its just disgraceful
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2015-03-29 17:37
I want to be able to board vehicles
A lone wolf guy in a jeep gets boarded and shot in the head.
A helicopter wants to Be low, I will board it and take the chopper.
It's balanced
Like halo games with boarding or titanfall
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Bring back BF2 / BF1942 / BF2142 core physics for air and ground vehicles
No 3D spotting,
Change commander back to how it was in BF2
Double seat bomber jets.
No "Random troop shouting giving position away unfairly" BS
Better spawn systems
Night maps
Night Day cycles maps
Classic mode to choose from as standard setting on ALL servers across all platforms
DLC map packs containing all previous Maps (Ill happily pay 120$ instead of buying BF:HL crap)
No movement when running as the shaking gives some people motion sickness.
Take away motion blur. (So stupid arcade like)
Bring in things like night vision goggles, grabling hooks, zip lines. (Special forces DLC!)
A more complex ranking system witch rewards the better players. BF2 was perfect. (Boosting 200% double xp weekends, are a joke)
A complex damage system. In BF2 you have several specific places with different damage models, for example on a tank there was a specific spot where another tank could take out that tank with a single shot. (Was extremely difficult)
Weekly Communication between developer and community / 5 year support plan / Updates / DLC's etc
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2015-05-11 09:50
I'd like to be able to enter an empty jet if available without having to die!!!!!! can with any other vehicle back at your base except jets!!!!!
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2015-09-08 22:35
I really think that you should be able to have more than 5 people in a squad. For instants we have about 6 to 8 people in the squad and most of the time there is at least 6 online and the 6th person has to play by themselves (pretty irritating). You should be able to have up to 32 players in your squad if it is done through the squad join part of the menu, and if not 32 than at least like 8 or something.
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