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2013-03-22 01:26
Which consoles are going to run BF$? we already have the PC but will it run it on PS3/X360? EA/DICE said next gen consoles. so we are talking about PS4, new XBOX and WII U? plz comment, i want your toughts and opinions about it
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Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox 720?, PS4 and PC
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2016-06-17 12:02
yes bf1 will run on p3s/xbox360
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2016-06-17 12:25
Holy crap, three years!
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2016-06-17 12:54
dartwe said:
yes bf1 will run on p3s/xbox360
It will not.

OP isn't even talking about BF1. Couldn't find any older thread huh?
Greatest BF4 clip you've seen for a while, enjoy!
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Xb1 ps4 and pc
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