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Mouse stops working

Enlisted: 2013-08-17
2014-04-06 15:04
Any one found a solution to this issue my mouse started to not work in game as well
US Enlisted: 2012-01-01
2014-04-15 16:48
similar issue here too (Logitech G400), mouse will stop for a couple of seconds in game then start working again. it usually happens every couple of minutes.

anyway, i uninstalled the Logitech Gaming Software and played for an hour or so the other night. It seems to have fixed the issue (knock on wood).
CA Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2014-04-17 00:33
Just started having the same problem last night...thinking it was the mouse (it is a couple years old and seen a lot of action), but now I'm not so sure. Logitech M500.
PL Enlisted: 2011-11-02
2014-04-21 11:30
and same here....
Logitech G500

anyone has found solution?
NO Enlisted: 2013-12-12
2014-04-22 02:10
me too - my mouse stopped working
US Enlisted: 2012-10-24
2014-05-05 21:50
mouse just stopped working.
PL Enlisted: 2011-11-02
2014-05-08 18:18
no answer so far ?
one day working fine today every 5 min ....
TR Enlisted: 2012-05-10
2014-05-18 09:07
I have same problem
I set the computer over again.
I installed the game again
AMD HD 4970 Catalyst Version 14.4
WİN7 64 bits
Mouse: Logitech x9
I tried another mouse. did not work.
Games in the mouse does not work. Not left to right.
In the menu works.
I could not find a solution
BE Enlisted: 2011-11-05
2014-05-24 21:08
Same problem over here.
US Enlisted: 2012-03-05
2014-05-25 23:51
Same issue here
NL Enlisted: 2012-01-23
2014-06-01 14:55
I have The same problems BF4 no problems by BF3 mouse is working (logitech M705 mouse) who can't help me
SE Enlisted: 2012-05-26
2014-06-03 16:45
Unplug your xbox-controller, if that works it's probably because the deadzone setting is too low. Had to have mine at almost 10%.
FI Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2014-06-06 21:51
Same here, Logitech gaming mouse too...
Enlisted: 2014-01-13
2014-06-08 19:58
Same problem here. I hope they fix it. Payed $60 for this game and it still hasn't worked right. Such a waste if it's never playable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NZ Enlisted: 2012-07-31
2014-06-10 05:47
same here only happens in bf4
BR Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2014-06-10 19:06
Same HERE ....
US Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2014-06-13 19:15
Have the same issue, i don't know if it's just a placebo effect but it seems to have improved when i disabled "Enhanced Pointer Precision" on windows. Also tried disabling Raw Mouse Input but don't think it changes anything. Give those two a try though might make it a bit more playable until they finally fix this damn thing.
IN Enlisted: 2013-11-08
2014-06-17 15:04
Same stupid problem. Mouse keyboard stops respoding for a sec or 2. Its reallly annoying! plz fix that EA or dice ffs Steam ID
Enlisted: 2011-11-25
2014-06-20 17:19
well fuck dice!
Enlisted: 2014-05-29
2014-06-20 20:58
I got the Hardline beta and I had this problem the moment I logged in. Now I'm having the problem in BF3 even though I never had it before.
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