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R30 Server Update

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R30 Server Update
-Players will no longer be able to pick up deployed AA mines
-Players will no longer be able to equip an AA mine together with rocket launchers
-Fix for an issue where players could have two Javelin projectiles in the air at the same time
-Javelin damage has been reduced from 34% to 30%
-Active Radar cone on the Ground Active Radar Missiles has been reduced from 5 degrees to 2 degrees
-Reduced the resupply time of the Flares from 25 to 20 seconds
-Reduced the resupply time of the ECM from 30 to 25 seconds
-Increased the resupply time of Active Protection from 30 to 35 seconds
-Bullpup weapons with 1x sights should now all properly benefit from increased movement speed while aiming down the sight
-Increased the damage of the CBJ-MS all ranges to better balance its low rate of fire
-Reduced the direct damage of the Attack Helicopter Zuni rockets as they were slightly too powerful after the last adjustment - as a result that last increase has been toned down to 50%
-Increased the side to side recoil of the AWS to balance it with other 800 RPM LMGs and keep its unique firing behavior
-Reduced the damage of the FIM-92 Stinger and SA-18 IGLA to 35% from 45% against Scout, Attack Helicopters and jets
-Toned down the helicopter flip caused by FIM-92 Stinger, SA-18 IGLA and Starstreak HVM-2 impacts
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Thread is locked.