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Dragon's Teeth - BF4 Top Issues Communication

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2015-04-02 00:36
Since the last two updates the game play has dropped,
1. there are issues with delayed sounds e.g AA missiles, air to ground missiles.
2. when exiting water and on dry land water sounds still playing and you need to re enter the water then re exit to loose the water sounds, by this time you have been killed.
3.Weapon damage is not accurate e.g in reality One 30mm AA round fired at a soldier is enough to blow him to pieces , yet in the game you have to fire at lease 60 rounds in Normal mode and 30-40 in Hardcore ,this is nonsense.
Two shotgun blasts to the body mass is enough to kill a man, yet in the game at least 4 blasts is required.
4. I have been killed by players that have 1% health, this is ridiculous, any player with 20% or less health should be paralyzed and beading to death, just like when a vehicle has less than 20% it catches on fire and slowly blows up, Soldiers should have a similar fate.
5.I also have issues with the game crashing to desktop, I have never had this issue before.
6.Game crash and error to check internet connection when there is nothing wrong with my connection.
7.Aimbot and wall hack are all the rage now, they aren't even trying to hide it, they even brag about and taunt the other players, really?
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2015-04-04 00:54


Should be red.
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2015-04-04 20:51
t1gge said:
Hi everyone!

UPDATE: If you have issuses on PC:
1. Do not use Origin Beta (use regular origin)
2. Do not use beta drivers (use latest normal ones)
3. try disabling the origin overlay as it causes issues (Origin in-game overlay he meant. Go to Origin(on top left)------>Application Settings------->Origin in game then un-click on "Enable Origin in game".)
4. look for bad packetloss icon / run the systems performance test if you experience bad networking, if you have constant packetloss, please post your ISP and contact them about it too (I'll pull strings here too)

UPDATE 2: We've looked at the routes to our servers (console servers) - and it seems there was some congestion (even though this is prohibited - make sure you vote for net neutrality americans...). It has now been fixed. Please let me know if PS4/Xbone is playing better!

Low PC performance and stuttering
Our team is working on reproducing situations that may cause low PC performance and stuttering while playing Dragon’s Teeth. If you have a solid case on your machine, please reach out to us on the Battlelog forums over at []

We know this is happening more for players with Mantle enabled, and with more than one graphics card (including Nvidia SLI). For some players lowering the texture quality to low (or lower than they currently are using) also temporarily fixes this.

Some users experience less of the stuttering to be coming from the use of the Battlescreen, especially in Chrome. Try using another web browser and closing the battlescreen to see if this is indeed the case.

We are hard at work looking for the root-causes for these performance issues and this thread will be updated once we know more.

Trouble downloading and installing Dragon’s Teeth on PlayStation 3
Short after release we heard that some of you had problems downloading and installing Dragon’s Teeth on PlayStation 3. We moved swiftly on this one and have now resolved the issue. Thanks for letting us know about this one.

Dragon’s Teeth incorrectly priced on Xbox One
A few players brought to our attention that Dragon’s Teeth was incorrectly priced on Xbox One. This issue has been resolved, and no one has to worry that they’ve been charged an incorrect sum.

Servers missing from the “My Servers” tab and problems connecting to rented servers
We’re looking at these two issues, and as soon as we have more information we’ll start working on a solution and provide you updates in this matter as well.

Feel free to ask follow-up questions in this thread and I'll try and answer them as soon as possible!

Thank you,
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