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The Winter Update - Discussion Thread

CA Enlisted: 2011-11-13
2015-03-03 21:16
So far there are 2 things I can say that need to be corrected: First, there are instances where after being killed in game players are stuck in limbo and unable to redeploy. Secondly from an animation standpoint, when a tank is hit by a rocket there is no impact. The damage still counts, but there's no explosion or impact animation when they are hit by rockets,
GS Enlisted: 2012-11-22
2015-03-03 21:24
Could we get a list of things the new patch broke. Cause you know it did.
Enlisted: 2012-05-11
2015-03-03 21:27
Dice...could you TEST your patches before releasing? So far i had only problems, getting revived and not being able to respawn by pressing space, then getting stuck several times after dying in the killcam forcing me to quit the game. #fixyourpatch.....also the new feature making it impossible to spawn on teammates that are in combat is incredibly re*t*arded, takes away so many good moments and rush possibilities. Was better before the patch.
PK Enlisted: 2014-05-29
2015-03-03 21:27
The Update is causing huge fps drops from time to time on Mantle ,y u do dis dice :(
Enlisted: 2012-10-25
2015-03-03 21:32
My game won't even start after I ran the update. Just that flickering little white line in the top right corner. Annoying.
(Xbox One).
Especially annoying as I have bought the Game for both One and 360 + all expansions + premium. Expensive Game this BF4 :-)
Noko_2012 said:
Myself and a friend just took an update for battlefield and now it keeps shutting down on both PC's :(
US Enlisted: 2014-10-29
2015-03-03 22:11
mhx13 said:
Completely agree. Unusable now. Fix one thing and brake 2 others. One step forward two steps back. This is why you get slated in the news and are losing customers hand over fist. You are destroying your own franchise.
SmoothieKingLive said:
Thermal is Useless now dice......this not in patch note. And its not right.....I retiring from BF4. TY

Toni_81-FIN- said:
SmoothieKingLive said:
Thermal is Useless now dice......this not in patch note. And its not right.
AGREE!!! wtf happened dice ?

jag8899 said:
Yes, are the changes to vehicle thermal intentional? Much less effective than before (way darker) and seems very inconsistent between maps.

This is Stupid DICE .....Sorry to say it. But I figured after all this time. We as player stick around . After all the bugs , net-code, and other crap....You Could Have At Least Get This Patch Done Right
Enlisted: 2013-12-01
2015-03-03 23:03
Adds all missing mastery dog tags... But doesnt award them to you if you already have 500 kills with one of those weapons. left that part out I guess.
SE Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2015-03-03 23:12
Everything worked really good for me when testing today, i do wonder one thing though and hope some one can answer.
My aim was feeling strange compared to before update, does that have some thing to do with that longer range cone? Does that cone change i pact any on FOV?
AU Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2015-03-03 23:18
Dice test their patches... its been a running joke for the past 2 years lol.
AU Enlisted: 2014-11-29
2015-03-03 23:27
I bought this game back in late November. It's run fine most of the time with minimal rubber banding and lag issues for me.

The moment I did the patch update, first game - rubber banded non-stop the whole time. I've ping tested to various servers, and they all come back with sub-100ms ping times and generally 10 - 15ms of jitter. Additionally, the game crashes the moment I exit any server.

Not gonna lie, pretty annoyed.
AU Enlisted: 2013-04-01
2015-03-03 23:27
What happened to numeric ping in the scoreboard for consoles? We were told it was coming and it's sorely needed. The disappointment over this is about enough to override any good news to do with the patch.
Enlisted: 2013-08-11
2015-03-03 23:40
What the hell you buff Zoom and Nerf thermal... (MBT's)

You've really lost any semblance of balance for different style MBT drivers and put tanks firmly on the back line

I personally will probably just use zoom from my base (In permanent protest on my part) as you obviously intend
AU Enlisted: 2013-04-01
2015-03-03 23:43
Thermal got the same buff as zoom did.
NL Enlisted: 2013-10-12
2015-03-03 23:46
Squad obliteration looks great and I really hope DICE will continue to support and improve this for a more competitive gameplay! Also the fix for getting stuck on object was necessary but oh man, words cannot describe the great feeling it gives.
US Enlisted: 2014-10-29
2015-03-03 23:50
KDNS said:
Thermal got the same buff as zoom did.

What Buff Thermal Got ??? You must be kiddin dude....There are few thermal tank drivers. And Im sure there pissed.....Thermal is useless
PT Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2015-03-03 23:51

The netcode is TERRIBLE because it's near perfect.
It's impossible to not DIE INSTANTLY, Dice you really managed to mess this up, congratz we die instantly in a gunfight, out of no where u drop dead no damage indicators or anything you just drop me and my friends are very uberly annoyed at this and for such we've taken breaks from the game until it's changed.

It feels like the only thing that would solve it is a similiar action that was taken not long ago , 1 more bullet to kill. but this time its 9 it's not possible to win a gunfight its no longer about skill it's about how fast can your gun fire, congratz dice effing congratz
Enlisted: 2013-08-11
2015-03-03 23:55
KDNS said:
Thermal got the same buff as zoom did.

The way I read it was that Zoom also gains an even further extension when zoomed
RS Enlisted: 2013-12-19
2015-03-03 23:58
Bullet tracers? In Hardcore? Really?
DE Enlisted: 2013-07-02
2015-03-04 00:15
Yey.. I get killed bh walls again :) The game was so playable before, it was probably too boring for DICE :)
HR Enlisted: 2012-07-02
2015-03-04 00:17
Stuck in revive screen BUG again.
This is not a patch, it's a rollback to a previous game version, the one that had those annoying STUCK ON REVIVE/DEATH SCREEN BUGS.
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Thread is locked.