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Legacy Operations Troubleshooting

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As there have been a number of threads with some of your encountering issues with the new Legacy Operations DLC, I have decided to create this sticky to go through exactly what is needed in order to download and play. Please note that this DLC is free so when the term "purchased" is used, it refers to the action, not the need to pay anything.

I downloaded the patch but I still cannot play..what's wrong?

So the DLC and the patch are two different aspects to the latest update. The patch itself will auto download (if you have it set to keep games up to date), the DLC however needs to be "purchased" from the Origin store on PC, and respective marketplaces on consoles.

For PC
-Open Origin store
-Type Legacy Operations into the search bar
-Select the item and click buy now
-Tick the terms and conditions and complete the free purchase and hit download now

You should now be downloading the Legacy Operations DLC.

-Go to your respective consoles' marketplace
-Search for Battlefield 4 and open
-Go to the add-ons section and select Legacy Operations
-Select "Buy now" or "Download" to add it to the download queue

Once downloaded, you should now be able to play the Legacy Operations DLC.

I have downloaded and purchased everything but it still says "Required expansion pack required to play"..what do I do?

This is a pretty easy one thankfully, so give these steps a try:


-Close down origin.
-Close down your browser.
-You may have to close Battlelog web helper in your task manager.

Restart your browser, go Battlelog, join a Dragon Valley server. Origin will auto-start again and you should be good to go.

On console

-Exit to the main menu and ensure that you have quit the game completely (not running in the background)
-Restart the console
-Start the game
-Try to join a Dragon Valley server and you should be able to connect with no further issues.

Please note; these steps will also apply to issues encountered with the "Night Operations" DLC and the "Community Operations" DLC

Hope this helps and see you on the Battlefield.

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