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Rolling out a Battlefield 4 Open Beta update on PC

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2013-10-13 21:58
Bzar-0 said:
still haven't even got past loading screen. cant adjust graphics until im in a server right?? wtf... using alienware 14 8g RAM nvida gt750 should be enough?

You should have more than enough. On my PC, I can get the game to load, but it does not do it by itself. I have to go to my tool bar and click on the BF4 window in order for the load screen to show on my desktop. I am not at all familiar if BF3 loads in the same manner since I have that game for the PS3. But I can't find where to adjust graphics. That was my original complaint. I loaded the game on my PS3 and what a difference! Very playable and I can adjust all settings, I just hope that the graphics are a bit better when the full version comes out.
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2013-10-13 22:01 , edited 2013-10-13 22:01 by jumperx91
chargement dur dur c est un disk rayé!! attend le nouveau patch
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2013-10-13 22:18
OMG I did not even realize this guy was running a 6000+ dual. The guy freeking about about it is pretty much right to say it lightly. Anyone with dual cores running this beta is not going to go well. People with I7s have issues from the optimizations you guys are lucky you haven't fried your dual cores.

Seriously to play this your going to have to upgrade them CPUs and not complain too bad as dual cores just don't have enough punch. Not to mention the motherboards they are normally on only run older DDR 2.

My sincere suggestion, upgrade your mobos. Some places will give you a free mobo with a CPU. Mostly AMD they are cheep and effective. 4 core CPUS can be seen 75-100 USD. I know its not chump change to some but it is well worth it if you want a better gaming experience.
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2013-10-13 22:27
Load issue is back. Crashes when next round comes on.
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2013-10-14 18:44
The BF4 Beta is Open - What's the first thing you did? Decide not to buy it
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2013-12-20 12:58
меня перед пуском в матч выкидывает c ошибкой в винде вчера такого небыло win8
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2013-12-26 19:30
can any one tell me how to get my game going after the update it just keeps going through a loop of you got to update your browsers update to play but I cant play bf4 cant even update it #### it
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2015-10-30 19:50
Tried to download the community content and nothing happens, the PAY button is blurred out????
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