BF4 Browser plugin doesn't install in windows 8.1

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2013-11-03 13:45
Since I bought and downloaded BF4, I'm unable to play the game. In battlelog I'm promted to download the browser plugin. When I do, I see the download happening and I can execute the downloaded file. Then notting seems to happen. When I try to connect to a server I get the same message again: download the latest browser plugin. I'm starting to get rather annoyed with this. Has anybody a solution for me? I'm trying to run the game on a AMD 8-core 8120, ATI HD7990 (latest drivers) and windows 8.1.
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2013-11-03 13:55
Move the install file to C\: and try to install
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2013-11-03 14:41
Moved the downloaded file to c: and executed it. Unfortunatelly, no change to the behaviour. The message continues to be: download the latest version of the browser plugin ....
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Mesma coisa aqui... Na relação de programas, aparece o plugin mas não tem conteúdo na pasta... Não instalou.
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2013-11-03 15:43
Same thing with Windows 8 without the latest uptade 8.0. Very frustrating, I just bought it.....
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2013-11-03 16:02
got the same problem, installed win 8.1 today and since then I cannot get the game to load instead getting the prompt to download the plugin. Tried numerous times but only gets so far as the green progress bar running to 100% then nothing.

any help is much appreciated.

using internet explorer.
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same Thing here, cant install the plugin

Windows 8.1 64bit
Internet explorer
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Já tentei tudo desde ontem... Iniciei com IE, Firefox e Chrome, não roda... O problema é o Win 8.1, mas não tem como desisntalar sem ter que formatar o PC... INCOMPATIBILIDADE entre o plugin 230.119 e o Win 8.1.
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2013-11-03 16:44
i was getting the same thing on Windows 8.1 while using IE. then i downloaded Chrome (which has been extremely resource hungry lately due to recent updates), and it worked the first time
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2013-11-03 17:42
Disable windows defender real time protection. Worked for me
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2013-11-03 17:49
Cheers clutch, will try that when I get home.
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2013-11-03 17:50
web plugin installs but wont launch bf4.exe

I have tried Firefox 25

I have tried Chrome

I have tried IE

I have reinstalled my gfx card

I have reformatted

I have tried reinstalling each browser

I have installed the latest DXsetup

I have installed the latest C + + redistributale 64 and 32

I have tried logging out of BF and origin , uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling and reopening origin and it didnt work

i have tried unisntalling the plugin , rebooting, installing the plugin, then opening origin and it didnt work

i have reintalled BF4 and origin

i have checked for updates

i have tried different version of each Chrome / IE / FireFox - no luck

I have made sure the install is repaired of BF4 in Origin

I have tried running BF4 in 64 and x86

I have also tried EVERYTHING IVE READ on these forums about this issue over the past 40 hours

I have considered suicide

I have made sure my plugins are enabled and always active in all browers

I have made sure bf4 website is on trusted sites on all Chrome / IE / Firefox

I have reinstalled this plugin multiple times over and over in so man various ways with rebooting involved and browsers closed , browsers open - no luck

I have cleaned my browser cache with CCleaner, fixed Registry Errors

I have cleaned my history in all browsers

I have Defragged

I have turned off Firewalls

I have turned off Anti virus

I have turned of Windows Defender

I have opened ports that BF4 uses

I have run EVERY BROWSER / EXE as Administrator

I have refreshed bf4 page multiple times and tried to join a game quickly - no luck

What have i not done? im sure ive missed something ive done.
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2013-11-03 22:29
Problem solved by changing from IE to Chrome ................. so much for IE and Origin ;-P
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2013-11-03 23:43 , edited 2013-11-03 23:45 by David_BR
Funcionou!! No Chrome, mas deu problema na placa de vídeo... Na placa NVidia, DESABILITAR MODO '3D VISION', ou terá imagem dupla (vermelho e azul).
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2013-11-04 17:45
Turning off real time protection in Windows Defender solved this for me.
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2013-11-04 17:53
Works for me as well - BUT that's not a great solution. EA please advice on a solution please :)
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2013-11-05 13:31 , edited 2013-11-05 13:32 by Thorsvaalder
Same problem
Win 7 64
using IE/Firefox 26/Chromium
defender desactivated

Impossible to play !!!

Aucune solution viable à ce jour, 47€ le jeu dans le cul avec EA !
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Such bullshit I bought Windows 8.1 just so this game could run better and now it won't even run. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED WITHOUT DISABLING MY WINDOWS DEFENDER!!!
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I also have the same problem, run Plugin, nothing happens....sort this out guys, I just bought BF4 Deluexe edition I want to play it :(
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2013-11-07 19:41
same thing, I got the same issue. DICE YOU MUST fix this issue!!! I want to play BF with IE and this must run without tweaks or hacks in my system! I do not want to use other browser please fix this asap!