BF4 Browser plugin doesn't install in windows 8.1

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2013-11-13 10:10
I have the same issue on chrome. it used to work on IE but now i cant even log in...i click Log In but nothing happens. anyone got a solution for that?
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2013-11-13 17:57
Thanks Bradyator...ya made my day.
Bradyator said:
If you're using Internet Explorer

1. Click on the gear cog on the top right and select Internet Options.

2. Select the Security Tab on the pop-up

3. Select the Trusted Sites, green tick

4. Click on the Sites button under the green tick

5. Untick 'Require server verification...'

6. Copy this into the 'Add this site to the zone' dialog: [] and click Add

7. Retick the 'Require server verification...' tickbox

8. Close the browser and then launch BF4.
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Thanks for the tips guys.

I have set "ESN Launch Mozilla Plugin" to Always Activate from the drop down in the Add-ons Manager of Firefox 26.0 and its working finally...
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2013-11-13 23:10
same thing with Windows 7 IE 11
HELP !!!!
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2013-11-14 00:09
I am having the same issue as well please help me. I wanted to play the game my wife bought it for me for veterans day. This really Sucks EA please give us a good fix and address this issue.
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2013-11-14 00:16
Glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem.
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2013-11-14 00:36
I have tried to use Mike Murr's Fix and it did nothing for me this is so fustrating
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2013-11-14 00:46
me to every time i play bf4 and i choose support it freezes and also i cant get my HUD connected to bf4 to my computer to my ps3
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2013-11-14 03:07
@RavenouXz um did ya.. did ya try settin it to wumbo?
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I have a very similar problem with Windows 7. Execute downloaded file and nothing seems to happen. When I try to join a server, I get the download the plug-in message. When I X-out the message, I see "joining server" on the blue bar but then nothing else happens. Thanks for breaking a problem that was working even though it limped at times. Now, I can't play which is very frustrating even with all the crashes and hit reg problems etc.

Dice/EA: why do you take something that's working and let your efforts to improve it break it? My dentist says I need to stop grinding my teeth. If I have dental problems I'm sending the bill to EA.
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2013-11-14 13:02
I think the browser invent is bad idea. Normal game launcher like in all shooters were good. Why EA chose browser finding games @_@. Big minus for it.

I have Windows 8 as they recommend, 4GB ram memory Graphic Geforce GTX 295 and dual core 3GHz CPU. Unfortunately i can play (if no need that plugins in browser) only in windowed mode. When i play full screen, game crush in fed sec. White screen or graphic crush. Updates drivers didnt work, register cleaners didnt work. Nothing... In plugin topic, i install that @#$%!##@ thing and it's still doesnt work. Pls tell me What i have to do to play normally this game? send to me email with any ideas.
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2013-11-14 13:39
in options set security level to lowest and enjoy! by default IE will block battlelog plugin
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2013-11-14 14:43
In the address field in chrome, next to the star, I had an icon with a cross and something else. Clicked it and allowed the plugin to run on this site!!
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Me too.

Same `error` message.

I`m using Chrome. Updated.

Not I.E.

I found the install location of the download only by pressing "PrintScreen" as the unpacking flashed before my eyes. Then opened that in Paint (paste), then looking to see where the downloaded file went; then I unpacked/ran that and then it did nothing but tell me to go through the cycle again and again and again..

Personally; I think its AMD (Battlefield Paymasters) punishing NVidia graphics card buyers.

Unless you AMD users don`t have the latest GTX 780 and are still having problems??

I got a new top end rig and Win Pro 8.1 with ALL updates for mo-bo and everything.

Its like a loop.
Red_Spider Origin EA Mod is pathologically petty IMHO
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2013-11-14 16:05
Having the same problem.

Always getting the 'Install PlugIn'-Message, but the PlugIn is installed and activated in the browsers.

Tried three different browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera) -> none works

Tried to disable Windows Defender as advised -> doesn't work
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2013-11-14 16:17
ehrw said:
In the address field in chrome, next to the star, I had an icon with a cross and something else. Clicked it and allowed the plugin to run on this site!!

This seems to work for me. Clicking on the cross let's Chrome install the plug-in. Who would have thought since previous plug-ins were installed with no problem!! Many thanks to ehrw !!!!!!
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2013-11-14 16:43
After the same error after error, I rebooted a few times and after finding the install (which zips by if you dont use PRINT-SCREEN so you can find its location. Then ran it and rebooted again; then UPDATED Google Chrome (I use), then rebooted again, then it worked.
Red_Spider Origin EA Mod is pathologically petty IMHO
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2013-11-14 17:04
That solution should work (FOR FIREFOX USERS):

1. Download plugin.

2. Click the right mouse button on the icon and choose "Run as administrator".

3. You should notice that the file is extracting somewhere into your user directory, which is something like this: C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Temp\Sonarinst.exe []

4. Now, go to that location. If you don't see a folder called AppData under your C:\Users\your_username\ directory,then go to the "Tools -> Folder options" and choose tab called "view". Search for "Show hidden files and folders" and select it. Now click "Apply" or "OK" and you should see a hidden folder called AppData under C:\Users\your_username\

5. So go there to that AppData folder and then choose folder "Local", then "Temp" and search for Sonarinst.exe. Right-click on the icon and choose "Run as administrator".

6. After that close your firefox web brower and run it again.

7. Log into your Battlelog account.

8. Now search for the icon near your navigation window. I mean the window where you put an internet address to enter any website. There should be an icon like on the screenshot. Left-click (left mouse button) on it and choose: "Allow plugin and remember" for both ESN Sonar API and for Battlelog Game Launcher. []

9. Do not forget about checking if your game is up to date since today there was a patch for the game - again check the screenshot. At least in Europe. Dunno what about US patch. []

I hope it helps! Good luck.
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2013-11-14 19:16
Your luky I have not even got to down load it when I click on download the box just flickers ????
And as for installing chrome I would rather stick a banana up my *ss !
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2013-11-14 19:25
for anyone having this problem just turn off active protection on windows defender then download the plugin using IE and it will work for w/e browser your using, i use firefox and it worked