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[e-Sports] Community Competitive Events - PS3/X360

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2014-01-22 23:21
Hello ForumField!

We would like to highlight our beloved Community members, bringing Competitive events for Battlefield 4, on Battlelog.

Therefore, we will collate and link to any threads inviting players to a Tournament, or Competitive event in any way – shape or form, directly in this thread.

Note: this sticky is aside DICE's upcoming plans. It simply aims at bringing more visibility on the competitive gaming activities that are organized around the world

What will be highlighted? Any well-written and informative forum thread related to Tournaments, Scrims, and general Competitive events.

What wouldn’t be suitable? Any forum thread that is advertisement-oriented. We understand to some extent that you want to display and promote your third-party Community website, but please do it in an Informative way. Advertisement of third-party service is not allowed by our Forum rules.

How can my Community’s event make it to this sticky? First, please create a thread about it. It has to be very informative as to the event itself, while refraining from any form of advertisement. Then, post your thread and PM us via our AHQ profiles: Stiv [] | Rick [] | Sutii [] | AgentX []

We will review your PM as soon as we can and make sure to highlight your event, if suitable.

Without further ado, please see the list of Competitive Event threads below:

North America:


Further locations could be added if/when needed!

DISCLAIMER: the events listed above are Community Initiatives; therefore, as coming from 3rd parties, DICE/EA had no hand in the organization and set-up of such events.
We are unable to verify, or guarantee that the event owners will deliver on prizes, timing, fun experience, fair organization or any other aspects related to such events.

Community events will be reviewed and assessed based on player feedback.
From there, a Quality Index will be drafted shortly, tied and related to Communities involved in Competitive events set-up.
Should you have complaints on such events, feel free to reach out to us via PM. If such complaints are verified, we will never highlight an event from this specific third party again.

May your hands be steady, your aim be true, and your vehicles swift. And should the worst come to pass, may you still have an amazingly fun experience!

With much love,
/EA Battlelog Community Team.
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