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AnswerHQ | The place to post about Technical Issue

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2014-01-23 01:23
Hi there,

We would like to let you know that players experiencing any technical issue (on all Platforms) are invited to create a thread about it on the Battlefield 4 board of Answer HQ [], EA’s new Community support forum!

What is Answer HQ?
It's a new approach to our community experience and a fun way of helping players get answers and get back in the game. Players that ask and answer questions will be earning XP, and climbing the heroic ranks of the Answer HQ.

What can I do in Answer HQ?
Ask questions to the entire Answer HQ Community Get Personal Answers from the gaming experts and EA's own Game Advisors. Share knowledge from your own gaming experience to gain XP and more* Climb the ranks by gaining XP to become and Answer HQ Legend

By using AHQ to describe the issue you’re experiencing, you’re improving your probabilities of getting help from a Seasoned Player or an EA Employee.

Battlelog’s forums are home to game discussions, thoughts, feedback, impressions, and of course, your Battlefield Moments.
We take your feedback seriously and to heart, by posting about your technical issues on AHQ, you’re guaranteeing that Battlelog's forums are focused on discussions relevant to Battlefield 4, making feedback and discussions much more visible and accessible!

Therefore, you will see us lock threads, and redirecting players that want to post about an issue they are experiencing, to AHQ.
For more info on AHQ, please check this FAQ [].

Thank you for your understanding, and good luck on the Battlefield ;)
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.