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Ask DICE: Questions for Linnea Harrison

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Once again, we present a new issue of “Ask DICE”, where we let the community ask our developers questions about their specific fields of expertise. This time you have the chance to submit questions to Linnea Harrison, level artist on Battlefield 4. Linnea describes her role at DICE:

LINNEA HARRISON: “As level artist on Battlefield 4’s multiplayer, I’m responsible for working with a team of people to make the multiplayer levels come to life. I work with artists and designers to ensure the levels are both gorgeous and fun to play. I have been in the industry for 6 years now and have worked on several action games, before landing my dream job at DICE working on Battlefield. I’m looking forward to your questions about how we create levels in Battlefield!”

Post your questions on level design in this forum thread for a chance to get them answered by Linnea Harrison. Remember that relevant, clear, and concise questions have a better chance of getting answered.

Please remember that this thread is for questions rather than commentary. Posts that do not contain a relevant question will be removed. Please ensure your comments are in line with the Guide to Forum Use rules [].

The answers will be published on the Battlefield Blog by the end of this week. Thank you!
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Will there be added HUGE levolutions?
Any plans for sea only level? (Fight with boats, capture the flags with boats?)

Could you add a like night desert map, pinch black with no hills for snipers and only one tank in each team, it would be very sound driven type of game (There are NO sound bugs in game, haters!). Please I would love to see one.

add a map that is in a VERY VERY big bank/hotel like Ziba Tower (I really like it), I would love to see indoor game

please add a HUGE outdoor map, with a lot of groud vehicles.

will there be Wake Island added back?

Small off-side, will there be any port of mobile Commander mode for low-performace laptops or PCs??? I have a laptop and i want to play commander mode on it.
its ya boi KiWY!
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2014-02-10 17:08
Have you toyed with the idea of making a night time map
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sea only map with large battleships,snow maps, and night time maps for the love of everything
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Why didnt you include a random weather and Time of Day system in Battlefield 4?

As of now, it looks very scripted, like in Paracel Storm. Making it randomly generated, wind, sun, storm, dust and dawn would really inscrease the replay value of the game.

Dont you think Levolution should affect gameplay in a bigger way instead of beeing purely cosmetic?
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2014-02-10 17:10
Patch the bugs first
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Why are the BF4 vanilla maps so horrible?

Look at Lancang Dam and Golmud, these maps are horrible maps for helicopters as there is no cover against the MAA that can spam ARMs from the safety of his own deployment.

Edit: Wyy is Rogue Transmission so small for aircraft? The SAA can hit vehicles flying over flags A and E, which aren't even close to the RU and CN deployments.

Edit:Every map in the game, except for Dawnbreaker, Shanghai and Flood Zone are horrible for Attack helis and scout helis.

Another edit: Why is there ceilings on OP Locker? This means the commander can't drop supply crates or quad bikes.
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2014-02-10 17:11
Fix laggy graphics and dawnbreaker
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2014-02-10 17:11
Dear Linnea,
Will on Flood Zone there should be a levolution , so you can blow up some buildings with rooftops so that therre'll be more infantry rather than snipers. Perhaps adding a night time map so that IRNV and FLIR scopes come to actual use?
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2014-02-10 17:11
Why is singleplayer level design only a straight line?
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2014-02-10 17:11
I'd love a night map!
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2014-02-10 17:12
Fix the zero health bug
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2014-02-10 17:12
How would it be if you design a map like a swamp?
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2014-02-10 17:13
do you have any plans to redo/revisit any of the old maps from previous battlefield games? how do you decide what is and what isn't fully destructible?
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2014-02-10 17:13
add more routes to c on locker to stop camping
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2014-02-10 17:13
Why has China Rising no Levolution?
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2014-02-10 17:13
Design the new maps around rush as the current maps are poor at best for rush. The mcom placement is a joke and youv made it far too unbalanced on most maps regarding vehicles I mean a tank and IFV vs mobile AA come on!
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2014-02-10 17:13
a map in naval strike with only little boats
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2014-02-10 17:14
2 seater jets like in the Bf3 singleplayer
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Is UCAV colliding with invisible walls on Op. Locker intended? Because it is so useful in taking out camper nests but almost impossible to use. Fix that maybe?
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